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Secret Movie: Reboot The Lost Episodes

The CG Reboot show by Rainmaker / Mainframe Entertainment saw four seasons and the revival Reboot: The Guardian Code but if you still can’t get enough of your favorite heroes here are some obscure “episodes” that you may have missed of your favorite characters. So here are a few select specials that the Reboot cast recorded lines for and made which should totally be canon with the show.

First we have the Reboot Playstation game which not only had an original story but the FMV of the game was made by the guys at Mainframe and fully voiced so it’s technically an episode. It’s a bit long but without the gameplay in between the FMV the story doesn’t make as much sense. This episode would need to take place somewhere after season 1 or during season 2. Below you can find re-collection of only the Full Motion Video of the entire game as well as the bad endings the game had in a much shorter way and you can try to fill in the gaps:
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Looking Back On.. Reboot The Show

Reboot was the first Computer Generated (CG) show we ever got by Mainframe / Rainmaker Entertainment and it had a bit of a weird history. Coming out even before Toy Story, the show dealt with life inside a computer so you get all these great 90s tech lingo in the actual show and how life is inside a computer system. Tech was still rather new for most people so many concepts went over people’s head. The show also changed quite a bit over the course of the series and got a huge fandom behind it. The show is continued with Reboot: The Last Guardian but we begin here with the original show.

reboot season 1

The first season is a rather safe animated show from the 90s with the setting of them being in a computer world but there’s not much here, as a kid I wasn’t a huge fan of the show because it just wasn’t that exciting and the character designs looked weird. It really isn’t that bad, but it doesn’t have enough to hook you, one thing that is rather interesting is the concept that the “user” plays games and when they do the characters get to go inside those worlds. This gives them an excuse to change the setting to a bunch of weird different things including parodies of many movies and tv shows.
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The Matrix Rebooted

Last week it was reported that there was a Matrix reboot in the works. The problem is that despite the title of the article nowhere did it mention that there was a reboot but a new movie in the franchise. Of course it made all the usual blog rounds until later it was clarified, a bit telling of the times that no one reads articles and just talk about the headlines.

As most were now complaining I was actually pretty excited since I was thinking not of how they would be ruining the original with a reboot but all the stories they could tell in The Matrix Universe. As I waited for The Matrix Reloaded I loved watching the different Animatrix shorts which were little anime episodes set in the world of The Matrix and I found the possibilities for stories endless and we might just finally get to it.
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Whatever happened to… Netflix’s The Magic School Bus 360° reboot Rides Again

Sometimes things online seem to banish from people’s consciousness and no one but the very few can recall…and we just want to know what happened.. We’ve enjoyed the Magic School Bus Opening and the Live Action parodies but Whatever happened to The Magic School Bus 360 ?

Update: The show has been renamed The Magic School Bus Rides Again premiered September 29th 2017 on Netflix and here is the review of the first two seasons. For more information on the original Magic School Bus 360 take click here.

For the original research:
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