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“Rawest Forest” Super Mario RPG Song/Video/Lyrics & Waltz of the Forest

Newgrounds constantly uploaded flash videos of different kinds and in 2007 we got a video called Rawest Forest, it’s been ten years and it’s still as great as it was back then. If you never played Super Mario RPG, it was an amazing game released at the end of the SNES’ life but it had a big impact on those who played it. It basically made RPGs be my favorite genre for many years. The music was also excellent and in particular you had one as you made your way through Geno’s Maze which is the background music of this video “Rawest Forest”.

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Music Match Monday Volume 1 – Music Video Reviews

What is a Rave without music? Now MiscRave has always featured music whether from shows, to tributes or album reviews which contained music video reviews and even just random music video reviews. But I’ve recently realized that even though I stopped watching music videos for years that they didn’t become any less relevant, there are still tons of great music videos hidden there. So why not share some forgotten or looked over ones? Those are exactly my feelings which is why Music Match Monday’s will be a thing as long as there is music I would like to share or music videos that need to be watched. Named in honor of one of my first media players on my computer, here are today’s three must watch/listen.

Woodkid – run boy run

If someone ever wanted to write a song about Mighty Max then this would be it The lyrics about a boy running and looking ahead fit perfectly with Mighty Max’s story of him having to escape the dreaded Doom Zones. The fact that the music video seems like the closest thing we’ll ever get to a live action Mighty Max movie is the icing on the cake. You see a boy escaping this building and then being chased by various creatures from bats to yeti like creatures and giant rock monsters. It was shot in black and white which makes the whole mood fit even better. Fantastic song and video, once you see the horned yetis jump out you’ll be watching this one for days.
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Instant Star “Waste My Time” French cover by Marie-Mai

Instant Star was a Canadian show that dealt with Jude Harrison, the winner of a music reality show contest’s first season and her life after it. It’s a fairly interesting show and one of the best songs ever featured was “Waste my Time” who Alexz Johnson (Jude Harrison) performs. Not long after a singer from Quebec, Marie-Mai covered the song and while she changed the lyrics somewhat it’s still a cover. A neat coincidence is that like the show she was initially known as one of the finalists of the first season of the Quebec reality show Star Académie, quite a fun parallel from the concept of the Canadian show.

The song is her second album Dangereuse Attraction. Also check out a live version of Tôt Ou Tard at EXPO Québec in 2009, the lyrics (paroles), and translation below.
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Listen back.. Freddy vs Jason soundtrack

It was the summer of 2003 and my friends suggested we see a movie so we end up seeing Freddy vs Jason which I didn’t really care for at the time but was happy that I saw it since these were two horror icons of my childhood, movie was ok but I was recommended the soundtrack by some friends and decided to buy it. It got some rotation but it was never really a great soundtrack for me oddly enough one of my friends who I saw the movie with wanted to buy it after listening to it once in my car. At this point we had already reached the peak of nu-metal but we still see plenty of it here as well as some other bands that were differentiating themselves from that genre.
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Listen back.. Adema self-titled (album)

Tonight I’ll talk about Adema’s first album which came out in 2001 right at the peak of nu-metal and this album is pretty much the epitome of nu-metal. I don’t mean it’s the best nu-metal album but it surely represents what the genre became better than any other album before or after. Riding off the fame of Korn the band was promoted as Jonathan Davis’ younger brother. A must for any angsty teens arsenal in the early 00’s.

The album starts with Everyone and with lyrics such as “life is a struggle” and “Why am I so angry inside my head?” you know you’ve got a good opener and I don’t know why I was so angry but this album surely helped.

Blow it away You could find this mislabeled as a Korn song in peer to peer programs, in fact that’s how I found it and this being the second song I liked from them I rushed to get their album, maybe that was part of their marketing and it worked on me at least.
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Daft Bodies 10 years later

10 years since ago we got a really creative video in the still early days of youtube:

Featuring the music of Daft Punk’s Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. This was a time when youtube was already getting big but it was continuing to grow with lots of talent and this video is one of them. Back then no one gave a damn about licensing music and people uploaded what they wanted. Even nearly a decade later as I re-stumbled onto this video I still feel like it’s as good as it was back then. that was copied by many others including this favorite of mine
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