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I didn’t grow up with Monsters in My Pockets but I saw someone sell some Mighty Max sized Monsters in my Pocket collection in their mountain of evil and I couldn’t say no. I then dwelled into the world of Monsters in My Pocket and all its history, it was a blast. I could totally see that had I been born a decade before I would’ve been all over these. I think a revival could work but as we’ve seen it’s yet to happen. It has tried to remain relevant but sadly cartoon wise it has not been able to do it, and here we will take a look at the different animated projects which well it’s for the most part only one that’s been made. So let’s hang on and see what this is all about.

monsters in my pocket cartoon
The name of this special is called The Big Screama nd it’s basically just a pilot. Appparently there were 6 episode made but sources stating this do not seem concrete, so I don’t beleive there’s actually 5 other episodes around. Since it’s a pilot it’s mostly introductions of Transilvania mountain which is the monster mountain, they explain that it shrinks monster island and they are in in L.A. and are monsters in her pocket…a lot of information dropped that might seem random premise actually. It keeps on brand even if not scary. pil There are good monsers and bad monsters, Cabbie the girl . The girl Carrie Raven to make reference to Edgar Allan Poe since she’s the daughter of Edgar Raven, the actual secret? Lackluster.

The cartoon is very childish yet the concept is neat that it coudl’ve been intresting for the target audience of kids in the 80s. It’s not too bad but I’m sure it wouldn’t have been the greatest thing ever, a season run of 13 episodes could’ve been fun to have. The other episode names apparently are The Big Shrink, The Big Scream, Journey to the Center of Carrie, The Monster Hunter, The Dreamstone, Bigbrain… but yeah I’m not convinced they were ever made, perhaps not even in script mode. This only ever aired as a special and it works, it’s just a basic story of the premise.

The franchise was meant to get another series in 2003 made by mainframe creators of Reboot. There are press releases about it but somewhere along the development it got cancelled so not much information is out there for this one. There’s some concept of a 2005 show or special of Monsters in my Pocket called The Quest, it’s CG so could’ve been the preivous show I mentioned or a new one, either way it never came out. This one seemed a darker take with the Tapestry of Terror and recuriting monsters on each side of the battle, kinda neat.. A new attempt at an animated show with Cyber Group Studios, another CG show, there’s some concept art and announcements but not much information on it and you can only find stuff from it from 2019-2022 so who knows if it’ll ever come out. The story seems different three kids find miniature monsters but it could work. The whole concept with some creativity can definitely work. Each animated pitch seemed to go for their own take and they all seem valid and that they could be fun.

If you are craving for more Monsters in my Pocket media then there were comics in the 80s that also have their own take on the ranchise. It only had a short run of 4 issues and an annual with no actual ending to the story so it’s just another attempt that never got to show it’s potential. Luckily if you liked this take you can also play the NES game that the story is similar to the comic and you have warlock trying to take over the world. I should throw in real quickly also the trading cards and even a casette tape with songs. So In a way between all the cancelled concepts, and the figures you do have enough lore to build your Monsters in My Pocket Universe fanfic.

Luigi Kawasaki

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