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R.L. Stine is very well known for creating the Goosebumps books but he also had another successful book series with Fear Street. I never read them and they did feel like for an older audience and less appealing to me since as a little kid monsters will grab your attention more than a random slasher. Nonetheless those books were featured prominently at book stores cashing in on the success of Goosebumps. So, when Netflix decided to release a trilogy of movies, 3 different movies released on after the other that tell one big story I just needed to watch it. I did some research on what the fear street books were and apparently they are somewhat accurate adaptations to how the books sort of are, perhaps with a bit more supernatural stuff so let’s take a look at them.

Ghosts of Fear Street full length pilot episode 1998

Before we get ot the main course, the trilogy movies, there was a previous adaptation. Based on younger audience books for Fear Street and not in continuity necessarily since they are more supernatural this show go ta pilot because of the success of Goosebumps. Begins in 1972 and they actually mention fear street as a place where bad thigns happen. It definitely feels like a pilot for a goosebumps kid horror like series. Dancing sekeltons?! Oh yes they’re here. I do like the cover of the book of ghosts of fear street. The pilot begins in a very goosebumps esque way,. makes sense since it was supposed to be for a younger audience.. still takes place in Shadyside. weird things happen, bug men, ghost dogs, ghosts, so basically the family admits to the kids that in fear street supernatural stuff happens and that it’s normal but they’re going to stay living there and they’ll likely to encounter stuff like that. so that’s the pilot I guess in a way it works as an introduction fo what fear street is, neat concept. Sadly it didn’t get picked up, could’ve been a fun one or two season 90s show.

Fear Street Part 1 1994

I read a little about the fear streeet books to have some context on what to expect and apparently there were fear street trilogies every year, the books had continuity and the story of the bad fear street cursed stories place which is all pretty neat.
My impression with the movies was who are they for? big titts? blow up dolls? fear street always felt less interesting for not having spooky monsters like goosebumps but I did see it heavily promoted as it was written by R.L. Stine…always wondered… didn’t know anyone who was a fan, glad this movie exists.. the trilogy format is interesting and the three decades should’ve had goosebumps easter eggs perhaps.| I wonder what fear street easter eggs there were, at least the books seemed to be real fear street books ont he shelf.

I like seeing the 90s horror covers, it being set in 1994 is a great year, it’s when goosebups hit it big and rl stines name was everywhere time for fear street as well. I loved the mall setting in the 90s. i loved the music likely the successful ost. And of course I loved seeing AOL. It just nailed the 90s. it feels somewhat realistic. perhaps a bit too long but it’s a fun take on both slasher and supernatural, it’s refereshing, the takes, couldve used the setting a bit better but it was still fun and nostalgic, great movie.

Fear Street Part 2 1978
These movies start with a lot of energy, more exciting than the avergae horror movie and it pays tribute to horror movies, yeah they’re for a younger audience but I don’t know why these don’t get more love from horror fans. I liked the camp setting especially in the 70s. It’s a sequel but at the same time a prequel but just a different story in a way just set in the past, that works well into the present plot. Great little slasher film that is new yet pays tribute to those late 70s early 80s films.

Fear Street Part 3 1666
Kinda weird that it takes place in the far past, where’s the street in a more colonial area? weird. Lesbians in 1666 kinda weird unsure how logical it really is as it’s trying to portray.. Didn’t like it at first but it grew on me since the story is indeed somewhat interesting with the witch hunt and finally giving some explanation to the previous two movies. Not the best setting but at least it doesn’t last the whole movie since…

1994 Part 2
Glad we return to the 90s present which is the best thing about the movies. It is just wrapping the 3 movies together by giving us a conclusion to all the stories that have happened in Fear Street all these years. Overall it was a refreshing take on horror and enjoyable trilogy.

I think we need more Fear Street.

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