Magic School Bus The Movie Live Action Compilation videos

We have a new Magic School Bus cartoon but what we never had was a live action movie. Thankfully the internet has got us covered in this respect so why don’t we take a look at some live action parodies of The Magic School Bus.

The first one we have is a few years old but easily the best one as it really was able to pack every reference in and bits of personality of each student into the short 2 minute trailer without it feeling forced. This is a movie I would stay up for the midnight showing and cosplay to while listening to the opening of the show.

The second one might not be as good but it gets a few points of originality. It goes for the “rebellious kids” need someone, in this case Ms. Frizzle to set them straight. We get a bunch of cameo’s from Daria, Dee Dee of Dexter’s Lab, Southpark’s Cartman, Angelica from Rugrats, Doug’s Roger Clutz, some characters from Recess and some that I don’t recognize. It’s rather fun just to spot what you can recognize.

Not all live action Magic School Bus parodies end up being good however, view those at your own risk..

Luigi Kawasaki

social hermit

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