Aqua Teen Hunger Force A look Back..

First time I caught Aqua Teen Hunger Force on adult swim I was not expecting to like it, it was just there and looked fraggin’ stupid. That was the intention of the show and I realized after a few episodes that it was a great show. A cartoon about being random and it is fantastic…They are icons of Adult Swim and frankly I just don’t understand why dancing is forbidden. Here is a look at every season movie and batch they have thrown at us all this time. I mean they’re a talking Meatball Hamburger pattie, a Milkshake and Fries. Fry, Meatwad and Shake something something heart in ours. let’s begin.

I mostly watched the early seasons and stopped watching after that mostly since it was not easily available and i wasn’t seeking it out. I decided to finally catch up since the show ended though it’s getting revived so perhaps we’ll get a few more seasons out of that. Ill go through each season as they have their differences and also the movies and any spin-offs. In fact they debuted as guests in one Space Ghost Coast 2 Coast episode in which they are very different but are still pretty much the same gang.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force
It’s so random, love how it is mysterious in a way and not follow a format. It is not something I wanted to watch at fist as I mentioend, but it won me over. The 12 minute length works best for the show. Season 1: things are a little more raw and they don’t know the characters as well but you can see the seeds. I love the segments of Dr weird. It’s rought, the interaction of the openings was nice. Great start. Season 2: Finally things get more classic in what most think of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Dr. weird openings are great though he interacts less with the characters.

Season 3 mixes things up but overall is still good. There’s no Dr. weird which is weird, though the replacement with the Mooninites vs Plutonians opening is an ok alternative. This season experiments with doing different things, I wasn’t a huge fan but I like that it tried to shake things up. Meatwad getting revenge on Shake is cool but it happened way too many times. Same with Carl getting too much crap done to him this season as well but when not abusing this it’s still very funny. Season 4: Starting here there are no more intros in future seasons which is sad, I miss Dr. weird or just any random intro. You see the characters change over time but despite no intro the rest of the show is still doing what it does best. It’s just not the greatest to see the characters act so out of character and feel like different characters all together at times for the sake of doing something different.

Colon Movie Film for Theaters: I can’t believe that an 11 minute show that works because of how short and random it is can hold a whole movie but somehow they did with random ss stories. It’s never an immensly funny movie but it gets plenty of chuckles and Space Ghost makes an appearance. I like how nothing really happened and that Dr. weird was in the movie. I mean it’s an epic story with an origin but very ATHF and nothing matters or happens. Season 5 Is interesntingly different..Some personalities go back to their own style again not being too out of character like in previous seasons, like 4.

Season 6: This time it breaks the characters and who they are way too many times..It’s not as bad as Season 4 but in general I don’t like to see it abused. It’s a good season and overall it was a step towards the right direction by mixing things up. Season 7: is weirder than the 6 but in a good way this time..Since characters are kept as they should be at the very least while still wildly experimenting. Season 8 Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1: we start with weirdness but only for a bit, it’s a 2 part episode. we get a new intro that is not good but the season is ok, still differetn and experimental but not as good, but can’t complain by trying to keep it fresh. Season 9 Aqua Something you know whatever: It’s a bit different and not as funny so the experimenting here did not work as well and it’s only the fact that it’s experimenting that you can give props to. The new intro is not as good this season since we’re getting new intro songs but it’s better than last.

Season 10 Aqua TV Show Show: It’s also experimenting quite a bit here and changing the formula and in the first half of the season it’s not very successful but the second half is far far better and pretty damn good. Season 11 Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever: It keeps the experimenting but being the last season at this time it seems they really went all out as almost every episode is great. They also gave us an amazing series finale only to retcon it ATHF style in the actual real last episode which isn’t that good but the “oh not really” is completely Aqua style and I love it.

Phamtasm movie: It’s neat to see second movie after all these years and I like the concept of continuity, doesn’ t look like the show which is a downer in a way. Unlike the first movie it doesn’t feel as much as the show but I’m a sucker of those aqua teen hunger force are actually a team episodes so this is good and unlike the episodes that just end here they actually follow up on it. Even if it isn’t hilarious, its entertaining though I can understand people not liking it as much.

season 12 Aquadonk Side Pieces shorts:

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