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Watchmen Cartoon

I really enjoyed the live action version of Watchmen that we got, sure it messed a few things around but I think nerds online were a bit harsh on it as it kept itself fairly true to the source material. But now it seems like DC may be making an animated movie based on Watchmen to set things right. Who knows if it’ll happen and if it does will it be a part of the DCU animated films? In that case it will be around an hour and ten minutes since that’s how long they’ll last and all the regular flaws that we see in them. They’d really need to make it into two movies like the animated The Dark Knight Returns adaptation for it to work. But hey at least the animated Watchmen wasn’t made in the 80s right?

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Ultraforce Cartoon Review

Ah the 90s, the decade were everything had to be X-TREEEME and with comic books making a comeback in that decade, new heroes that were more extreme than the old ones had to be made. That led us to Ultraforce from Malibu comics. Now I never read them or even knew they existed. Seeing a bunch of 90’s heroes that weren’t from DC or Marvel but some indie comics is awesome and they had their own cartoon so of course I had to watch it.

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Stan Lee insults Rob Liefeld and Todd McFarlane

Like most I like to think of Stan Lee as this nice old grandpa type character even if we know he was not such a nice guy in the past. I’m also a fan of Rob Liefeld’s and Todd McFarlane’s work since I enjoy comics in the 90s even if they’re mostly made fun of now for being too extreme. This video from the 90s is awesome, I guess it’s a 20 minute tv show where they draw and this 3 minute clip takes all the instances of Stan Lee dissing both these artists for how ridiculous it is and I don’t think it was mean spirited, it just seems that way because of the edits but fun jabs as these two were very famous around the era this show was made. McFarlane even seems to be enjoying getting shade thrown at him for what he was doing. Nevertheless it’s a very fun video worth a watch regardless of your opinion of any of these artists.

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The problem with..DC Extended Universe | Shared / Cinematic Universes Part II:

In the first part I talked about Marvel now let’s talk about DC and other plans for shared universes. While you can definitely see Warner Bros. going on a “me too” route in the movies it’s not as if the idea is that new, it just had never been implemented with superhero movies on film. If we go back it was indeed Marvel who started with the crossover of The Submariner and the original Human Torch (unrelated to the Fantastic four) but it was barely a few months later when DC had their own crossover and DC went big on their idea of a shared universe unlike Marvel and created the first Superhero team with the Justice Society who later evolved into the Justice League. Marvel started doing a bunch of original teams comics as Stan Lee has mentioned before and that’s why we have stuff like Fantastic Four, X-Men and whatnot instead of solo heroes at Marvel. Both companies have always put a lot of easter eggs for fans in all their shows and movies referencing to a larger DC/Marvel Universe but no one saw them as “references” or “hidden” secrets, they realized it was the company throwing a bone to the fans.
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