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The Problem With.. Super Mario Run

Nintendo made their debut into mobile games with Miitomo which had a some problems but they rectified this by launching their biggest name not long after with Super Mario Run. I had talked about the game before release but now that the game has been out for along time, it seems to have done rather well initially but still hasn’t met Nintendo’s expectation but at the same time their games are supposed to get people to play in Nintendo platforms. So let’s take a look at the problems with Super Mario run

super mario run yoshi peach music headphones

I originally downloaded it when it came out and finished the free levels it offered and as a demo I guess it’s ok but it leaves you wanting for more, but you could also see that there wasn’t a lot of content which made you think twice about buying the game. Eventually I bought it with the most recent update since it was also on sale and added plenty of content. It wasn’t the first update as they had already added characters and other things in previous ones, this one was just a bigger update.

super mario run levels
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The problem with… Pokemon I choose You! Movie 20

The 20th Pokemon movie to celebrate 20 the past two decades of the anime by adapting the first episode in movie form. Except they decided to add new Pokemon, change the cast and not really adapt much. People had mixed opinions but I decided to go watch it despite mixed reviews as it was very tempting. It was a limited release yet 10 minutes from my house, nostalgic to watch a Pokemon on the big screen which I haven’t since Pokemon 2000, and a free card like back in the day, and Ash’s Pikachu card for god’s sake, this wasn’t any normal card. Not to mention Movie Ash Hat Pikachu code which they didn’t even make it compatible with all Gen VII games.

pokemon 20 pikachu ash's card

So how was the movie? I had heard bad stuff but also some good stuff but in the end I agree with it being crap. So let’s take a look at the problems the movie has as well as some solutions at the end. The dub was awful, the music was horrible including the season 1 theme ugh, the animation actually seemed inferior as well.
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The Amazing Spider-Man Duology The Problem With..

The Marvel welcomed home Spider-Man as he finally became part of their cinematic universe which we didn’t expect was going to happen. In general the Marvel Cinematic Universe has had their fair share of problems but with this event it also marked the end of Sony’s first attempt at a Spider-Man Shared Universe with The Amazing Spider-Man Duology, so let’s take a look back at the problems with it and some of the good stuff as well.

Amazing Spider-Man Moon

I’ll begin with some of the negatives which there are a few of; The movies are on the long side which makes them boring and not that exciting to follow. The fact that the plot doesn’t move very fast either only goes to make them feel even longer than they are. It also doesn’t help that this isn’t Batman, this is a problem many heroes fall to when they try to imitate him but in this case we have a movie about Spider-Man so I don’t know why so much of both movies take place at night. Spider-Man works better during the day and while it’s cool to have some scenes at night since we’re not used to seeing Spider-Man like that, it doesn’t work when the majority of the movie is dark. The colors in general are very mute, even during daytime. Continue reading The Amazing Spider-Man Duology The Problem With..

The Problem with.. Duolingo

Can you really learn foreign language from an app? I should point out that I was a language teacher for more than a few years, I’ve been bilingual my whole life and I’m trying to learn a new language. But back on topic; A few years ago I discovered Duolingo when I began to take French classes again, back then the app was still fairly new and it wasn’t as well known as it has become in recent years. I really enjoyed the app but every time I started I would eventually stop using it until recently that I’ve been able to keep it a habit. Part of why I couldn’t stick with it was I hadn’t made a habit. So let’s analyze duolingo and see the problems with it.

If you don’t know,, Duolingo is an app that tries to teach you a foreign language and it does this by having a series of exercises that you must complete on different topics. You make a placement “test” in the beginning that judges were you should start in their academic “pyramid/tree”. The app promotes itself as being able to learn with only a few minutes a day and you can set your daily learning goal so you only have to do one exercise or up to 5. Of course you can practice as much as you’d like but the limits are to remind you to practice at least that amount every day. This works fairly well in the beginning since Duo the owl keeps reminding you every day unless you stop using it for a few days in which Duo decides to throw the towel on you until you open the app again. This is actually a nice feature but it’s a reason of why it’s dangerous to keep your “streak” going and not make a habit of ignoring your daily routine. Having a streak of practicing is one of the motivations to continue using it since there isn’t much more in the app, they know this since they offer to keep your streak if you pay them a certain amount if you miss a day or two.
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The problem with.. Miitomo

Nintendo shocked the world when they announced that they would begin developing mobile games on iOS and Android since they had been against it for many years. Many people claimed it was the end of Nintendo even though people always complained Nintendo’s games weren’t on mobile. Miitomo was Nintendo’s first game that they released for smartphones and tablets, this was not what most people expected since they wanted one of Nintendo’s better known franchises like Mario. But Mii’s are what captured the heart of the mainstream audience so was it really a bad idea to launch with it?

People were not happy at the announcement since they were not getting an actual game but some weird social app and we all have enough social apps on our mobile devices to add another one but still this was Nintendo’s first swing at it so many checked it out. What we got was something that most people played around with in the beginning but quickly uninstalled and only a select few stayed around with it. However as months passed more and more people dropped the app, including me. I actually lasted quite a bit but as much as I want to love it there are just some problems with Miitomo.
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The Problem with.. Fixing.. Pokemon Bank 2/3

Pokemon Bank hasn’t been living to its full capability since it was first revealed, last time we talked a little about the problem with PokeBank, today we’ll continue with the problems we now have with the Generation VII update and how Game Freak/The Pokemon Company/Nintendo could fix this Pokemon cloud storage system that is bleeding with potential.

With Pokemon Sun & Moon out, we were told about an update to the app, this is all great but the contents of the update really aren’t that great as it puts a restriction on what we can do with Pokemon. When Gold/Silver came out you were able to transfer Pokemon back and fort as long as the Pokemon existed and didn’t have anything that wasn’t available in the previous version (Pokemon/items/moves) for example and it wasn’t difficult to grasp. What the new update as shown in the picture above does is put limits on how we can use our Pokemon. It was obvious we wouldn’t be able to trade any of the new forms or species to X/Y/OmegaRed/AlphaSapphire but what they’ve done is that there’s a restriction that once traded to Sun and Moon those old Pokemon can’t come back. When it came to the Gen I and II there was no problem since they’re both from the same system but from Gen III to IV it was logical that the transfer was a one way thing since Game Boy Advance games couldn’t properly communicate with the Nintendo DS ones.
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