Music Match v4 Videos: M83, The Moth & The Flame, ii0

This week’s Music Video recommendations don’t have any real theme though to me they’re songs I’ve listened on summer nights and it being summer night I chose them for this rendition of Music Match.

M83 ‘Midnight City’

This video seems to have been inspired by Stranger Things as we have kids in a group out int he woods and even using telepathic powers but in a more urban setting than the show was. Which makes sense since the name of the song references that it’s a city, but then again most of the video doesn’t take place at night so that’s not really doing much. Like in Stranger Things all the kids seem to have escaped from wherever they were being experimented on and the video finishes off as a good X-Files episode would.

The Moth & The Flame “Young & Unafraid”

Featuring Neal Unger the 60 year old skate boarder doing what he does best which is skateboard. This gives the rest of the song a kind of depressing vibe that I don’t know if it was intentional. To me it changes the meaning of the lyrics of an old man who wishes he had taken more risks when he was younger and now it’s too late as an old man. The whole meaning of the song turns 180 degrees thanks to the music video. This is much better than a generic teenage empowerment song which we have plenty of.

iiO – Rapture

A very popular dance song in the early 00s as it should have been since it’s quite catchy. The music video goes for a cyber punk look and even a touch of Blade Runner. Tons of neon colors through out it to make any Raver proud. While not much is going on in the video, it doesn’t really need it, in fact all music videos could be just like this one and I would never complain.

Luigi Kawasaki

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