Music Match Volume 2 SEVDALIZA, Hey Violet and Eagulls

This second time on Music Match I review three new music videos ranging from dream wave to pop music. It can be hard to find music at times but no matter if it’s from a person who has bad musical taste, a suggestion on youtube and even a TV show, or in the case of some here a website, it’s important to continue to find new music. So let’s take a look at these three music videos that caught my eye and were worth sharing for a reason or two.


I’m not a fan of videos that try to be too artistic for the sake of being artistic since they seldom don’t look pretentious. I don’t particularly like this song however I don’t hate it either and the video does grab my attention. Many people describe it as demonic but that’s as ridiculous as when they said Pokemon was. Her outfit is from the movie The Indian Tomb and she tries to re-create that one scene and yet it doesn’t come off as she’s trying to be seductive but anti-attractive and yet it still seems to give that effect. All of this is happening in an arena of sorts that is meant to make it feel like she has no control and yet she does.

Hey Violet – Guys My Age

This one doesn’t seem to have a particularly great or logical music video, in fact it’s a bit random and doesn’t seem to know what it wants to achieve with it but that ends up working in its favor so it’s not so generic otherwise. What makes up for it is that it does have a damn catchy chorus that makes me feel as if I were a 16 year old girl in High School being tired of the B.S. of how H.S. guys act and wanting a break from that. I guess I can finally let go of that resentment when girls in High School would only date older guys.

Eagulls – My Life In Rewind ( Sessions)

I really enjoy studio “live” versions of songs since you get the best of both worlds, a nice recording that is technically live even though it still has a bunch of pre-production. I prefer the studio version but it didn’t get a music video and I still wanted to talk about it and this recording of the session is really nice as well in its own way. The video is just them playing but it works out since it’s “live” and it’s just nice to see post-punk alive and well today. I should make a note that I shamefully first heard of this song on 13 reasons why, but hey as long as you’re finding new music, it doesn’t matter where you found it from.

Luigi Kawasaki

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