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Professor Layton’s live online game of “real” puzzles called Layton’s Mystery Journey: Real World Puzzle Solving or Layton World for short launched to help promote Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy is now online. As this is a timed based web based game the puzzles will eventually get lost to time; so here we will have an archive of the puzzles as well as hints and solutions for those stuck in any specific puzzle. The puzzles are not that difficult so I would suggest only looking at the answer if you’re completely stumped. Here we will take a look at Puzzles V – W – X.

Let’s take a look at the fifteenth and final set of puzzles, for the previous ones click here. Read hints separately and only use the next hint if you still can’t solve it and check your answer by highlighting to read the spoilers. To re-create the Translaytion feature I pasted some of the most useful, interesting or amusing advice found there.

V) Something’s Missing

This puzzle takes us to Venice!

Hint 1: These flags are missing their colors.

Hint 2: What color should the areas with the ‘?’ be?

Hint 3: Start by considering the country of one of the flags. You can research this.

The map of Venice, it was my first time to see such a thoroughness, but it is truly a city of water.
How about a latte with Layton art.
My friend is on the site, he’s looking for the boat or the puzzle!
Aaah.. I just saw a gondola on a webcam here
It’s raining a lot in Venice, my friend has his shoes all wet!

Answer to the puzzle (Highlight to see):green

W) The Korean Mystery

This Puzzle takes us to Korea and using hangul which is the Korean alphabet.

Hint 1: The white ovals represent the position of the letters.

Hint 2: Take out the part of the Korean hangul letters the white oval is positioned over, and rotate that part of the letter as instructed.

Hint 3: If you turn the diagram extracted from the first hangul letter, it becomes the English letter ‘T.’ It looks like you don’t need the fourth and seventh letters. If you connect the alphabet letters and read it, the answer should emerge.

There seems to be a shopping mall called IFC Mall.
That’s right! We have all learned the meaning of “meshi tero” thanks to the pizzas! XD
Q. Rotate the White piece!
Honestly that it is so much fun to talk with people around the world through solving puzzles I never thought about it at first Level 5, SCRAP Thank you

Answer to the puzzle (Highlight to see):

X) The Final Puzzle
This Puzzle was only available if you solved every puzzle before it, if not it won’t show up.

Check the reverse of Question o.
(You don’t need to go to the actual location to verify.)

Place London in the center of the map and connect.

When you tap the shapes that appear 30 times, you’ll see my final message.

Hint 1: Try to solve this last one on your own.

Hint 2: If you’re having a hard time, you could also ask for hints using TRANSLAYTON.

Hint 3: Connect to the world!

It is likely that the opposite position of [puzzle] o’s coordinate is “43 ° 32’12.1” S 173 ° 22’35.0 “E”. The place is near New Zealand and Christchurch.
The color is related, but not very important. It is information to have confidence. There is a placement of the same color somewhere.
The biggest tip for those who are aware of their shape and are suffering from it Did not you see it anywhere? This shape I will answer more than that
-43.536690, 172.62362 (Place o minus 43.536690, calculate 180-7.37638)
7 letters are all uppercase. The map also does not use multiple chapters.
Street view! ! ! ! !
? HINT ? close to the coordinates opposite from o, there’s a shop with coloured signs on it
There are three shapes- you have to put them together to find what you’re supposed to click.
Tap the shape/icon you got from the map, just keep tapping until you solve it
Tip 1. Arrange seven color words from the photos you are going to compare with the problem Tip 2. Place the 7 characters on the MAP of this site Tip 3. Search this site for the mark you joined
Solved! If many people did not give a hint, they would not have seen a touching ending.
I’ll have a pizza for a celebration today.
Goodbye! It was nice knowing all of you for the time being. I hope we meet again soon. Keep solving!
Tips & Warnings Hint 2: Go to TOP
Everyone in the Layton Detectives worldwide Thank you for sharing this time seems to have been as short as you could. Bless you, everyone

Answer to the puzzle (Highlight to see):
Second part of the puzzle was to click on the map from the Layton World website.
If the second part is nt clear then highlight to see: contact

If you missed the game as it was online well you missed a heck of a time but at least you can still solve the puzzles. For the rest of the Layton World Puzzles click here. If you have any questions on the puzzles ask me on twitter @0sdp or email me [email protected]

If you enjoyed the article or have any thoughts let me know by commenting below or by tweeting at me. You can also share the article or hit me up an email with your thoughts, it’s nice to hear from other fans.

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