Harvey Birdman Sequel & Spin-Offs

We first met Harvey Birdman in Space Ghost Coast 2 Coast and we loved his show but it had to come to an end. Of course it was the right move but we all wanted a little more Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law. Thankfully we have plenty of Spin-offs, Revivals and what not to be able to scratch that itch. We’ll be taking a look at all these different special movies we have on the Harvey Birdman universe.


Let’s begin with the recent spin-off Birdgirl which is just not as funny as harvey birdman. It’s a weird one since it doesn’t seem like a real spin-off even though it is. The references to the previous show are vague. Sebben & Sebben no longer seems to be an Attorney’s office but instea an office and they create products..? There really aren’t many if any Hanna-Barbera characters either which is a huge shame since that brought a lot of charm to the original show. The accountant, the secretary and the dog are the best characters the show has and I dont feel they are used enough. The other characters that have a more prominent role are just far less interesting sadly. Birdgirl is alright though a shadow of her formerself.

Overall it’s not a very funny show though I was compelled to watch it since there’s plenty of potential wiht the whole cartoon animated office workplace in a SJW environment full of old school perver boomers, a lot of great comedy there but it’s only barely touched upon. Episodes do go fast at least which makes decisions like superheroing being something real which doesn’t rub me as fitting. The show was able to keep my attention in its 12 episode run, but with its flaws it can’t be the classic it deserved to be.

Harvey Bidrdman Attorney General

The original show did get a weird one time special years later taking place after the finale. It just doesn’t feel anything like the original show and for the most part it’s a special making fun of Trump, but I feel it’s a bit of a low hanging fruit when it comes to comedy. Sadly the episode isn’t even that funny and feels more out of character than the Birdgirl spin-off. Retconning the ending of the show for this lackluster special wasn’t a great decision, the show deserved something better. With that said it was nice to see all of the cast again..so while it was a disappointing special it was still nice to see our friends again.

Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law Video Game Movie

Released for the Nintendo Wii and PS2 and made by Capcom we get what is an Ace Attorney version game of the show. It might not be the beast Phoenix Wright game but it’s a good clone with the characters you love, of course you can watch it as a “movie” special since it includes all of the cast and feels exactly like the show. It’s filled with easter eggs from both the show and even Capcom, sadly some detailsa re just more fun to explore playing the game and don’t translate as well in a movie format.

I always thought the court cases aspect of the show as underused and here we have plenty of that. The humor is on point and so is the dialog. It’s pretty much the show we know and love. FINALLY! This game gets right despite being different from the show itself than the two previous spin-offs we saw. It’s a lot of fun and you get
5 cases which can be seen as 5 different cases episodes.

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