Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Secret Movie Sequel to watch

You may be in the mood for a new Star Wars story to watch while waiting for the annual Star Wars movie so why not check out the sequel to The Force Unleashed which you need to see before this “movie”. Like the original this sequel is made from the Playstation 3 and 360 game cutscenes and some gameplay to make the FMV make sense but this being a sequel to a story that seemed to have a definite end,c an it be worth watching?

Like all “movies” made out of videogame cutscenes the final product isn’t great since it’s not the same to watch something made to be watched or something made to be played. As with the first part the story was meant to be good enough to be made into novel form. I remember this sequel being criticized storywise before it came out by since the story had been told and it had an ending and yet this story actually makes sense and is somewhat similar to Shadow The hedgehog’s as we see Starkiller return but he’s unsure of what he is with Bobba Fett behind his back.

I ended up liking this story a lot more, I don’t know if it’s because it’s shorter or what but it was enjoyable. You need to know the story of the first one for any of this to make sense and the stakes don’t seem as high this time around nor the adventure so it’s odd that I found it more interesting. The ending actually leaves a few more plotholes than the first though since many characters remain alive that are a bit important for them not to be ever mentioned again or forgotten but maybe there are other stories that explain it away.

There was going to be a third Force Unleashed game but it was eventually cancelled so this is as far as the story of Starkiller will ever go but two “movies” that tell stories between the Prequel Trilogy and Original Trilogy is good for me. As the last movie we have a dark and light side movie but the canon one being the light side but watch the dark side version for a fun what if scenario that includes Jedi leia, just watch the last 30 minutes or so which is where the story starts to diverge.

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