Wrath of the Clash of the Titans Duology Missed Opportunity

Greek mythology is great and usually underutilized or used incorrectly. Ancient Greece in general is full of fun storeis that can be told though I never really felt this movie much.. I didn’t like the trailer, I’d never seen the original, no nostalgia. Even if it’s somehwat recent it’s still from another time 10 years ago so it’s a different approach thanhow movies are made now. Perhaps sexier, not as PG13 Cookie Cutter superhero like. This was during the 3D movies fad era after Avatar and one of the first that got a quick 3D release. Overall the movies weren’t great but let’s see what this 2010s look for some ancient myths.

Claso of the Titans 2010

The movie looks a bit too clean, unsure why but film grain or whatever gives the movies grit that they need, especially once set in ancient greece. I love the Pegasus, they’re done well. Perseus on the other hand looks pretty damn lame with his generic 2000’s First Person Shooter marine haircut hero look. It’s boring. Zeus and the gods also look pretty damn lame. I mean I love Liam Neeson but he was not Zeus. The CG In general looks fake which takes me out of the movie. It’s not that I don’t have tolerance being a huge fan of Hercules and Xena. And I hate when Hades is used as a bad guy when he’s supposed to be like any other god, he isn’t meant to be the devil. The music in general doesn’t match the scenes even if it isn’t necessarily bad. The film just cut too much like a more modern film with quick cuts for acion and it doesn’t fit this style. It might work on some scenes like the one with the giant scorpion but not in most.

I do love seeing a new ancient greece movie despite my complains but I’ll complain a bit more. None of the characters are engaging, some like the Djinn are ridiculous looking though I guess I can embrace their weirdness…it’s just more of that fake and out of place CG in ancient greece. I think really bad CG of Hercules and the like worked better. This whole movie would work better as a show. The movie is boring on the way through segements but cool when it reaches a plot / boss sequence fight. Who thought it’d be a good idea to have andromeda and not have her be half naked? Medusa looks like a cool gorgon but didn’t feel like Medusa herself. while the Kraken is cool in a titan sort of way, it’s more of a real Kaiju looking cloverfield thing. The final fight is cool enough and overall it’s not a bad movie, just kind of there since it doesn’t have much personality.

Wrath of the Titans 2012

We got a sequel, something the original never had and it starts much stronger than before with some world building. Out of the gate everything just feels better and different. The setting and look does make you feel like ancient Greece. Even Perseus with longr hair and scruffier look gives him so much more attitude. But while it starts off really well it gets a bit slower after that. Overall there is a more interesting story, though it does need the first movie to give a little more context to the world. It’s cool, a bit dark and needs lighter scenes to help the movie pass along faster. It’s a bit Grim and it does start to affect the movie especially since everything is so dark and hard to see. That does make it look more Greek and the CG better though. Hades is still a bad guy but at least having Ares helps even if he’s a wimp. With the effects of 2010s they could’ve created a far more interesting mythical world setting, now that’s a missed opportunity.

There are some aspects there but it still feels like hollywood fluff, not a lot of soul, perhaps because of cg or perhaps because it was a sequel to a remake that they wanted to make into a franchise. The final conflict does feel epic, much more than the Kraken’s. The tians Kronos stuff is cool and only now can it be portrayed properly. Overall a much better movie than the first in many ways, it just lacked a bit of form and quest, but the improvements were made. Why is pegasus black? An odd change but neat, we also get something similar to Magus from Mighty Max. I wonder if that’s what the Saint Seiya CG Movie wanted to do with a Titan like fight. The gods keep losing power is a theme of the movies and the they’re cool little movies. The movies lacked identity and even with good music, there was no real theme. Could’ve been more epic.

Revenge of the Titans 20Never
If the movie had done better they would’ve made a third movie but they didn’t. makes no sense, unsure what they would do if they had already done an end game sortscenario with the previous two movies. where do they go with no more gods. still would’ve been cool to see the movie go somewhere for the third. it would’ve been cool to continue. there might be an open sleigh of stuff they could’ve done..!death of the titans. a better itle. wasted potential all around but these two movies are alirght. I miss having greek mythology movies, this was at least that and better than that Percy Jackson try. Of the titans is just not a good way to brand something.

Definitely something different than what the Original Clash of the Titans in 1981

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