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E3 2017 Predictions

E3 2017 is just around the corner so it’s time to make some predictions and what I expect we will be seeing at E3 this year. I may not have gaming industry sources but I do follow the industry somewhat and I basically went to University to understand how companies work so I have a pretty damn good idea of how a business operates. So this is not your average Joe armchair CEO prediction that you can find plenty of out there. No emotions when making any predictions either. I’ll mainly be analyzing he big 3 (Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony).
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Making Godzilla Scary Again

I was seldom excited about the new Toho Godzilla film when it was announced last December; I mean we already had a Godzilla movie recently and even with this one coming from Japan but then I saw the trailer 6 months ago which changed my mind. I had already seen the Godzilla design from the leaks and I used to have mixed feelings about it but after watching the first teaser trailer I was sold.
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