Ted Bear Duology Movies aren’t bad

When the movie Ted came out I wasn’t interested in it since I’m not a big fan of Seth MacFarlane and it felt like a low brow comedy. It wasn’t until a few years later when I was recommended the movie by someone I didn’t expect to and was told it was not what I expected that I finally decided to check it out one day and that one day finally came so let’s take a look back at the Ted movie Duology and see if it’s worthy of being a franchise.

Now I can’t say the movie isn’t something I didn’t expect but it did do the things I thought it would be doing a lot better. The humor even if childish does get a few laughs and overall I enjoyed watching them, I can’t say they were amazing by any means but there are plenty of things that I liked.

The actual plot of the movies are rather generic, especially the second movie but what made them work for me is that they feel like little kids movies and yet they aren’t. The plot is as formulaic as you can get but the dialog really throws you off. Also the fact that they do go for more emotional moments when the bear is a talking plush toy is just so amusing that you end up giving it a pass.

Ted’s life is just so depressing and his face evokes that emotion, I liked how inconsistent they were with Ted’s abilities as a living being. Sometimes I did hear too much Peter Griffin in Ted’s voice but I could overlook it. This also seemed to be more of a love letter to pop-culture nerds and especially mainstream geeks for the second movie.

There doesn’t seem to be any rush to make a Ted 3 and I think that’s good for the most part since the second one could barely make it through since it had a far less interesting story and it was getting harder to make it amusing enough. Overall the movies seem to get a “worth watching for the amusement of it all” rating for me, since fine cinema these are not.

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