Rave Dancing to Raving Music

If you ever wanted to go to a Rave or any EDM festival but were to afraid on what you would do then worry not as to celebrate one year of MiscRave being online, it is only appropriate that we dance just like in Raves. This Music Monday won’t only have music but some dance moves to accompany them so you can get the feeling of moving your body.

Lou and Bee Daft bodies Harder better faster stronger

Featuring Daft Punk’s Harder Better Faster we see these two re-create the original Daft Bodies which is not only ten years old now but was also MiscRave’s first musical post. Daft Bodies had many copy cats including some very elaborate ones. This one might be a littl emore back to the basics but something about it that makes it stand out among the dozens of imitators.

Marlene Dúebois Rotersand War on Error DANCE video

Featuring War on Error (Declaration) by Rotersand we get to see this German model decided to give us her dance take for this techno song. Something about this video just reeks of 2006 youtube and its better because of it. I love the attitude and how serious she’s taking it and the fact that the music is not edited in but coming from some speaker in her house as she records.

Felicia Fatale Bellydance

A burlesque dancer that performs in the NY Pinup Club is here showing the dance of the 7 veils featuring unknown song and burlesque style belly dance. A little more resque than what I normally feature here but I really enjoyed the song which I am unable to identify and the burlesque belly dance makes up for the random audience members screaming.

Marlene Dúebois

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Marlene Duebois Rave Goth Steampunk model

Luigi Kawasaki

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