Pikmin Bloom the forgotten Pikmin spin-off game

We had not heard much about new Nintendo mobile games for a while and it seemed to be the end but then out of nowhere Nintendo dropped a new game for smartphones Pikmin Bloom. This time powered by Niantic who helped Pokemon Go be a huge success, but even with Miyamoto’s excitement the game didn’t seem too compelling to get too many people. After more than a year playing the game we’ve seen Miyamoto emphasize the game again and the game change. Overall it’s a fun little game but not a lot to do, here’s our look at the game.

I would say that unlike Pokemon Go, that Pikmin Bloom is barely a game. It seems more of a glorified walking app. Now that might seem awful but I mean it in a good way. It’s a cute walking app that makes me wish I needed to come up with excuses to walk. The gamification in walking is a lot of fun, you are sending Pikmin in expeditions around and it’s neat seeing them walk around your neighberhood. You can actually get farther away from them or closer to make their expedition easier or harder unintentionally.

I think implementing death in the expeditions while frustrating would’ve added fun to the game. It’s part of the everyday Pikmin Circle of life. I love getting special Decor Pikmin, the generic ones are ok but the ones from restaurants, theaters, events etc are all so cool. You do want to collect them though they are a bit difficult to get which makes it annoying.

It’s too basic to be a game and too tedious for a companion app, I wish it were simpler and more accurate. Or if there were more game related stuff in the app like mini games or anything fun to do. Or that you could do more stuff with your Pikmin It doesnt help that the game drains your battery.

The game would be a lot more fun if more people played it since the whole aspect of planting flowers is great, but without others playing the game it can feel a bit lonely and pointless. Ironically if the game was a success it’d be more interesting to paly. I do like experimenting and sending Pikmin to really long expeditions when I was driving and going large distances or over an airplane. Having Pikmin take forever to get back was hilarious. I think more could’ve been done to also play with those ideas having a special reward or something.

What can I say? I think it’s for the most part strictly for fans or for those who like the concept. Not the strongest recommendation but it feels sad to see the game pass by like Miitomo when it’s so unique in certain aspects.

Luigi Kawasaki

social hermit

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