Mighty Max Season 2 Ultimate Guide

In general season feels different and in many ays inferior to season 1, it’s still good and you’ll find plenty fo hat made seasn 1 special but to a lesser quanitty.. the quality is not as good, more fillers they feel like, the riting feels differeent, ti’s stil similar but not as good and the episode order is bigger. episodes many are not as memorable and characters like be/felix get lost in the shuffle. season 2 is a little worse in general, needs some type of break, not as good, still very imaginative so tere’s tha. love allt he ways virgil sumons max, alays diffehandrent.i miss max’s mom

Pandora’s Box, Part 1
we find out Lavalord was trapped by Skullmaster until the Crystal of Souls was shattered. This explains why Skullmaster had the Lava Beasts under his command. Skull Mountain is also the Lavalords home. Max needs to defeat skullmaster so he can stop being the cap bearer and Skullmaser is in a war against Lavalord. Max is ambushed and hten is being looked after by lavalord and skullmaster’s minions. Max is trapped by Lavalord but convinces him to help him defeat Skullmaster. And Virgil appears to ahve aligned himself with Skullmaster

-Virgil is always saying destiny needs to be fulfilled based on what is written
-Skullmaster and Virgils fates are intertwined so if Skullmster dies so does Virgil.
-Skullmaster and Virgils were old friends
-Max is shown many times to read lots of books
-Max’s mum does the educational PSA at the end since well Max is in the middle of an adventure
-I like how skullmaster has an army of rock monsters, skeleturtles and perhaps dragons.
– Max visits Pamplona, a snowy area,
-Skullmountain is implied to be hell at the bottom of the earth
Figure Ideas:Cartoon Accurate Skull Mountain?
Playset Accuracy:Based on Trapped in Skull Mountain and Blasts Magus. Max is in skull mountain again and even though it’s been featured a fe times there’s still parts of the playset that have never been seen. Rock Monsters also look rather different and have rock weapons. We see Magus for the first time, it looks rather different and it’s mostly used as a mecha here, we don’t see muh of the gimmicks of it only a few.

Pandora’s Box, Part 2
We continue where we left off with SKullmaster with Virgil fighting against Max with Magus. Max takes control of Magus. They don’t know if Virgil betrayed them but it was all according to keikaku for Virgil. Glad to see Warmonger get more action. Max doesn’t want to kill Virgil to save the world so Mighty Max instead helps free Skullmaster and Warmonger.

-Norman’s Ponytail gets cut, mentions it took him a long time to gro it
-Since it’s a 2 parter, we get a previously on segment which felt out of place
-Nice to have a two parter for once
-Rock Monsters have floaty rock vehicles for some reason.
-Skullmaster took Lavlord’s kingdom 5,000 years ago.
-Skullmaster’s dragon was asleep for 5,000 years.
-Destiny is composed of equal parts of chance
-We see the red dragon fro Dragon Island
-Max always assumes the role of the chosen one when others doubt it
– Max visits…well he is still in Skullmountain in the center of the earth and where the portal leads
Figure Ideas: Cartoon Accurate Magus?
Playset Accuracy:Based on Blasts Magus and Trapped in Skull Mountain…same as the previous episode.

Blood of the Dragon
Skullmaster is in Dragon island and is converting the natives into reptiles by having them drink dragon blood. Max, Norman and Virgil find about the plan and go visit and face constant danger. Norman appears to die at one point. But he’s fine and saves Max and everyone fights it out. Eventually they find a portal to get out.

-Was that a giant max stone head?
-This is the third big playset featured this season and it’s the third episode.
-Another skullmaster episode so soon is nice but could begin villain decay (4 in a row now)
– Max visits Polynesia/Timori island? Dragon island!

Figure Ideas: Cartoon accurate lizard men?
Playset Accuracy:Based on Storms Dragon Island, the island doesn’t look like the toy too much, we do have some reptilian creatures. The big red dragon is there. In general it omitts many of the gimmicks of the playset but there aren’t many to begin with but we don’t see the boat or the other animals or other stuff, perhaps it would be converted later into it.

The Missing Linked
People from a european ton are disappearing because of corpus so Max/Virgil/Norman investigage and a pink sticky slime monster seems to be the one doing it. It as created by a Mad Scientist whose name is never said since he is always interrupted though I guess its Mort from the horror head. Corpus only eats metal and humans. They are later attacked by three dogs glued together by the slime. Norman gets out and after that they start removing people from corpus. And is defeated easily. Not the best episode.

-Thor likes to watch tv, and not just any show dinosaur movies!
-Max’s room says Maximize but this is always
– Max visits Schlepak a small (fictional) village in Eastern Europe (likely Swedish), and Trzblg
Figure Ideas: Cartoon Accurate Corpus the slime monster, mad scientist?, three glued dogs?
Playset Accuracy:Based on Survives Corpus but they only take the name since here they deal with a slime monster. Nothing is like it because of it and no zombies though I guess you could say one of the destroyed buildings could be the playset.

The Year of the Rat
A city is attacked by rats sent by a rat hooded figure, the army of rats lead by the Emperor is going to overrun the world. He corners and traps Max/Virgil/NOrman and they have to solve puzzles and mazes to get out. They fight a stone bull demon Niútóu based on chinese mythology. Then they meet the person who accidentally released Lao-Chu. Max defeats him by ringing bells.

-Finally Bea and Max’s mum get some screentime after being absent for a while.
– Max visits China
Figure Ideas: Niútóu, giant rat
Playset Accuracy:Based on Traps Rattus. Sort of, if you count the temple, it’s a bit different but the idea was there. I do think the puzzle/labirynth aspect of the show would’ve been a good playset.

The Cyberskull Virus
A giant cloud is attcknig a city that transforms into a monster? A hacker is mad that his idea as stolen and he was fired, the guy who stole it is a jerk so no as Cyberskull he wants to conquer everything. He goes inside electronics. Starts digitizing the whole world. Max fights him, he digitizes Max and Norman so Virgil must beat the game. Max gives the final blow.

-Apparently it’s a human hacker that transforms into Cyberskull Marlyn Curt?, black and green eclyptor type minions? Cartoon accurate Cyberskull
-VR Helmet for the game
-Lemurian probability theorem, Lemurian Calculus, Lemurian Math
– Max visits Moscow, Tokyo
Figure Ideas: Cybernetic cloud monster ith four arms? Marlyn Curt? Digitized Max/Norman
Playset Accuracy:Based on Bytes Cyberskull. Besides featuring the villain it’s a rather different playset, I guess it could be the digital world they fight in. The giant Cyberskull seems similar to the Cybot from Mighty Max Shuts Down Cybot.

Zygote’s Rhythm
Some tourists find a giant dinosaur, then we move to Thor and Mighty Max where Virgil and Norman tell him there’s something going on with Dinosaurs and they encounter a bunch in an island. There they meet Dr. Zygote who makes genetic mutation experiments and catches them. They are going to be reverted back a la Super Mario Bros movie but they escape only to have Thor appear randomly and devolves into a giant dinosaur like The Lost World. Dr. Zygote loses his dinosaur fight and decides to evolve himself but loses control of his mind. Zygote suvives and learns ho to control at the end.

– Max visits Hawái? Dinosaur Island?
-Barney reference
-VHS rental store joke that won’t be understood by many
-Virgil becomes a pterodactyl
-The story is basically mirrors the one of Jurassic World
-Thor x Virgil team up to crown the new heavyweight champion
-Crocodiles and Alligators are dinosaurs according to max, well he says they haven’t evovled in millions of years

Figure Ideas: Dinosaurs? Cavemen? Rins men/lizard/gorille mosnters grunts? Cartoon Accurate human Zygote. Giant Thor?, pterodactl Virgil?
Playset Accuracy:Based on Blows up Dino Lab, I guess there’s dinosaurs and the plot is somewhat similar but they’re still different, we do get to see the Volcano and a lab. I guess it can also be said to be based on Lashes Lizard since Thor is overgrown here just no one

Along Came Arachnoid
It starts with a horrific start of a giant spider catching a helicopter. Max, Virgil and Norman go to the Space Needle in search for Dr. Stanley Kirby, they see that he’s been mutating himself and giant spiders and attack the cosmic cap trio. Everone is trapped but Norman overocmes his fear of spiders to save the team.

-The library guy doesn’t care about the safety of the people
-Norman is arachnophobic!
– Max visits Seattle
Figure Ideas: Human Spider Dr. Stanley Kirby?, Cartoon Accurate Dr. Arachnoid, Blue giant spider?
Playset Accuracy:Based on Trapped by Arachnoid. The charaters are all there but it doesn’t really seem set in his lab but instead in the city.

The Axeman Cometh
An axe monster of sorts is on the loose, a forest is being destroyed which is why he was relesed. In ancient times like 3,000 years ago The Strangers would fight against Norman’s vilage. They unlock te demon of violence Lockyar but can’t control him. They need to stop him before he can unlock himself. Max is able to get the demon to trap himself.

-Felix never really gets involved in the plot in his appearances, nice to see him
-Virgil and Norman had locked him away 500 years ago.
-An ecological message in the episode
-A lot of gruesome offscreen violence is implied.
– Max visits some Norwegien country.
Figure Ideas: Young NOrman? Cartoon Accurate lockjaw Axeman
Playset Accuracy:Based on Tangles With Lockjaw. Besides having the villain, the fight is less slasher like and more random fight in the forest. Not supper accurate but with horror heads you needed a lot of imagination since they’re so small.

AN alien bug arrives, Virgil calls on Max but Bea accidentally goes there. And along Norman they get attacked by beetles and a giant robot beetle. Characters act way more cartoony with random facia expressions. The gang keeps getting attacked by beetles. Bea helps them fly a plane. THey escape bugs most of the episode. Eventually they realize there’s space beetles with eyes that are getting inside a bettle space ship piloted by a robot giant beeetle. Oh my. Beetebrow was made to protect the beetles from the dinosaurs when they crash landed on earth millions of years ago. they were waiting until they could leave. They realize that the bugs think there’s no intelligent life in the world, Max let’s them know that there are. They lived for so many years without knowing there were other intelligent beings.

Finally Bea gets to be in an episode with Max again
-Bea’s full name is Beatriz
-Felix makes a small cameo
-a random reference to the nagano olympics in 1998
-Bea knows spanish, Max doesn’t but thinks he does
– Max visits New Mexico, Peru
-Insects have language, cuture, etc
-Not bugs, beetles
-Norman doesn’t dance
Figure Ideas: Cartoon Accurate: Robot Beetlebrow
Playset Accuracy:Based on Zaps Beetlebrow, it’s a small horror head but I guess it includes bugs, so not much else going so I guess it’s accurate.

Souls of Talon
Talon wants to get out of the Astral Planes so he is causing problems on earth to bring the cap bearer so that he may escape. He eventually does with the cap and Max has to find a way out while Talon starts sucking souls in real earth. He eventually leaves with the disc of immortaliy that keeps Talon alive and is finally able to trap him again.

-Mighty Max is fine clling himself Mighty
-Max almost gets an arrow
-Max flies
– Max visits ??? & the Astral Plane
Figure Ideas: Cartoon Accurate Talon
Playset Accuracy:Based on Crushes Talon. There’s the figures that appear in the playset, it’s a small playset. It looks enough like the astral planes I guess.

Tar Wars
While escavating for a subway line they find something..Max and his mom are recruited by Virgil and Norman. They see a caveman named Gor. Gor got powers and immortality because of an asteroid but so did a sabre tooth tiger. They spend the rest of the episode trying to capture him. The meteor’s powers revives mamooth skeletons to attack the smilodon.

-Huge cellphones
-Max’s smum is finally back
-Pigzilla? Kaiju battle in a set? So awesomoe.
– Max goes Hollywood & visits Los Angeles
Figure Ideas: Cartoon Accurate Caveman, Max in vacation costume? Sabretooth Tiger. Skeleton Mamooth
Playset Accuracy:Based on Grapples with Battle Cat. There is a caveman, no mamooth and the e sabretiger is causing trouble all around the normal world.

Clown Without Pity
Children have been disappearing in Russia and Norman/Virgil/Max investigate and arrive at a Circus where an odd ring master clown is in charge and they’re attacked by mutant creatures. Max finds that the mutants are kids. Virgil and Norman also begin mutating because of the cotton candy. Max convinces the mutants and beats Freako though he is left inside a mirror.

-Creepy vibe in gneral, feels like a doom zone!
– Max visits Moscow
Figure Ideas: Hunchback ogre mutant? Cartoon Accurate Freako?
Playset Accuracy:Based on Out Freaks Freako. They are in a carnival instead of whatever they’re supposed to be but they do try to give some nods to the originl playset with the characters. A circus would’ve been a good playset but oh well.

Max vs. Max
We finally see Skullmaster again wanting an ancient book of power the Lemurian Arcana to be able to make a new crystal of souls. Virgil finds Maximillion that could be the actual Mighty One. So while they decide who is the real cap bearer they go stop Skullmaster together. But Maximillion is a double agent working for Skullmaster under some spell. Skullmaster is able to take the book but Max had ripped a bunch of pages so they’re left at a standstill.


-Max visits The Himalayas, lost city of devekan?
-Why would Virgil doubt who is the chosen one after Max having been at the right places as prophetized.
Figure Ideas: Maximillion, Lizard men in winter coats? Yeti

Playset Accuracy:Based on Assaults Skull Master and McDonalds Yeti? In the beginning we see Skullmaster in his new lair not much happens there but it was represented. They do fight a Yeti in a cave so it could be that it’s based on the McDonalds set, somewhat accurate.

Cyberskull II: the Next Level
Cyberskull tells JC that he’s back, and cutting the power off the city so they must stop him. Cyberskull is in an electronic mind of a figurine so he can move around in the real world. Then they go to Guatemala where there is a Mayan cult.

-Up Start company
-Ernie makes a non-speaking cameo
-Nice to see Felix again.
-JC and Cyberskull separated at te end of last episode? I don’t remember that
– Max visits San Francisco, Guatemala
Figure Ideas: Cyberskull cult members? mini or giant Cyberskull? JC?
Playset Accuracy:Based on Shuts Down Cybot in a way since there is a giant Cyberskull, not Cybot but I guess its as close as we’re getting to that.

Fuath and Beggora
A rip in the cosmos releseas Fuath in a medieval town in Ireand. Munks of this cult ae trying to awaken him in a castle. Katlin is a young girl whose father is leading the druids. Fuath the clockwork stone giant awakens and goes berserk. When all goes wrong

-Max knows of Ozzy Osbourne
-Whatever happened to Beggora, never mentioned in the episode.
– Max visits Ireland
Figure Ideas: Gargoylecentaurs? Fuath Druids? Cartoon Accurate Fuath
Playset Accuracy:Based on Shatters Gargoyle Medi-Evil Mauler. They take the ideas of the set including the gigantic creature, though the creature looks nothing like a Gargoyle.

Dawn of the Conqueror
The conqueror appears and Norman must confront him in 3 tests but Virgil tells Max he can’t be there with them. Max tries to find a way back to greece, travelling through the desert and shark infested sea to get back. In the meantime Norman defeats Conqueror in two tests. Max arrives and Norman chooses him as his weapon so he can defeat Conqueror without breaking the rules. Norman survives the dawning of the ancient ones.

-Cybersam cartoon looks awesome
-Thor appearances are always nice
-Someone recognizes Norman as Hercules
-This is why Norman is immortal seems like
-Norman apparently was in the Olympics in ancient times
-How come the Conqueror could lose 3 tests and Norman only 1?
– Max visits Greece, New Mexico
Figure Ideas: a more accurate Conqueror?
Playset Accuracy:Based on Dawn of the Conqueror. It is a fight with the Conqueror but he’s not gigantic like in the toys, he’s the size the Heroes and Villains set. There is a Conqueror Shrunkenhead, not much there an dhe’s normal sized so I guess it adapts that as well.

Scorpio Rising
Max gets called to Nevada because of high radiation reports but a giant scorpion attacks. Max falls underneath a house so Norman attacks the Scorpion who can just regrow parts and shoot lasers. Max finds more giant scorpions. He is helped by Dr. Robert Scorpio who seems to be from the 50s and has Max stuck in a bunker. Outside an airforce plane bombs the ghost town as well as the scorpion. He wants to radiate the whole world so he can live outside and in the meantime fights the airforce with giant scorpions. They fight the trio wins and leaves Dr. Bob trapped.

-Felix appears briefly in the beginning.
-At least Felix gets the same appearances as he did in season 1, Bea and Max’s Mom get totally shafted
-The scorpions have cameras and I love Lucy character names
– Max visits Las Vegas
-Max casually thinks he’s in Egypt again because of the pyramid hotel

Figure Ideas: Cartoon accurate Dr. Bob, Giant Scorpion? Radioactive suit Max?
Playset Accuracy:Based on Stings Scorpion and well we do have giant scorpions and Dr. Bob in his suit looks like the villain. The set has an electronic giant scorpion which is not here but I guess it works, it’s a basic Doom Zone.

Zygote Music
We meet a kid with apparent psy powers only to get transformed into goo and sucked by Professor Eggbert Zygote who is back. Virgil ith Norman call on Max. They seem to find where things are originating from and hey meet some mutants. Dr. Zygote still wants to evolve mankind. The kid with Telekinisis Gadge helps the trio. But Zygote is too powerful. Max tricks him to evolve into the infinite so he leaves.

-Max’s mom gets a short appearance, wish she were in more adventures this season, only one..
-Virgil uses a stick to find the waves fro where radioactivity was coming from
-Humans will eventually evolve into fowls
– Max visits wherever Zygote’s lab was.
Figure Ideas: Mutants? Gadge/Gregory? brain/ball of color ZYgote?
Playset Accuracy:Based on Dr. Zygote? This version of Dr. Zygote only appeared in a Shrunken head so not much to go in for but we do get a fight with Dr Zygote.

Good Golly Ms. Kali
Some guy revives an ancient demon in India. Naja, the powers of Kali the godess of destruction would be unleashed. Virgil and Norman summon Max, and he finds a statue of Shiva. They’re attacked by the human sized serpent Naja. Naja wakes up Kali and tricks her. Max wakes up Shiva and gets Kali out of her spell and she gets rid of Naja.

-Virgil makes some mistakes in his calculations, blames it on the Lemurian and Indian calendars.
– Max visits India
Figure Ideas: Cartoon accurate Fang/Naja? Giant snake fang? Jambhala elephant?
Playset Accuracy:Based on Strikes Fang, we see Fang but he’s human sized and has nothing to do with The Mommy Venom since it’s taking place in India instead of Egypt but it’s not like there was much to go for so the original story in india is cool. Perhaps based on Shrunkenhead Wraptile as well? There’s a giant cobra or just the Fang shrunken head..

Around the World in Eighty Arms
It starts with an octopus attacking a ship, dej vu since it happened before. Norman and Virgil call Max to help. THey see that it isn’t a squid like last time but a Nautilus Gigantus a giant ancient molusk.. They meet Jules Vernes and Max doesn’t believe him. Someone stole his Nautilus and are attacking ships. It’s Captain Nemo causing all of htis problems, but not the original, his son.

-Jules Vernes is one of Max’s idols (true he mentioned him before in other episodes)
-Jules Vernes has been in suspended animation sleeping.
-Jules invented atomic energy many years before.
-Max gets his adventure ritten by jules vernes
– Max visits Masse France, Paris, herever the adventure takes place 20k leagues under the sea
Figure Ideas: Jules Vernes? Cartoon Accurate Captain Nemo?
Playset Accuracy:Based on Sinks Nautilus You have Nemo,his ship, it’s a bit different but some aspects are here.

Fly by Night
Vampires apparently appear so Virgil and Norman call on Max. But there are no fang marks on the victims. Max finds the vampire, it’s a lady. Countess Mosca. Virgil is convinced she’s a vampire but Max doesn’t think so. They find maggots, vampire flies. DIfferent from Bat Vmapires. She mentions that the legends are not real it’s fly vampires. The fly gets swatted.

-Max implies Dracula is real
-Max gets his shirt ripped
-Fly vampires rise every 500 years, oddly coincidental that all things happen once the mighty one is available
-They meet the descendant of the man who killed Nosferatu
– Max visits London, Transilvania
-Thor appearance
Figure Ideas: Countess Mosca! Human/Fly form Voska/Moska?
Playset Accuracy:Based on Squishes Fly. Besides being a vampire fly that can transform into a fly this is nothing absolutely nothing like the playset, even its inspiration might seem difficult to even grasp

The Mommy’s Hand
Something is happening in Egypt so Norman and Virgil call Max. Dr. Seline wants to revive her husband Osiris since she is really Isis. She tries to get rid of the trio throug Anubis. Max’s mom puts on the ring that Isis wanted her to and her hand is now controlled by the ring and rotting. But Max is able to stop it for being the chosen one. They need to stop the giant Osiris hand from getting to the giant Osiris statue. It turns out the revival of Osiris doesn’t mean destruction as they only seek to help humans.

-Max the Justified one, Cap bearaer, chosen one, Mighty one
-Another egyptian episode but Venom doesn’t make an appearance sadly.
-Damn, we are shown someone lost a hand
-Refreshing to see another female villain
-We finally see Max’s mom again
– Max visits Egypt one final time.
Figure Ideas: Dr. Seline/Isis, Anubis, Osiris, mummy grutns?
Playset Accuracy:Based on Grips the Hand, despite the egyptian setting, the rotting hand and ring all comes from this playset, that playset is about zombie so it only resembles the playset not the insides. No mummy playsets resemble this story either.

I, Warmonger
Skull Master is in Zero island here he is goign to be able to control the Hydra. He loses a page from the lemurian arkana but Warmonger gets it and betrays Skullmaster getting control of Hydra. Virgil explains to Max that only Max can defeat skullmaster or something worse can happen so they must protect skullmaster. They seem to fail at that and fight Warmonger but keep losing until Max gets the power from Virgil from the lemurian arkana the sun symbol that was to be used against skullmaster but they decide to use it or else they’d be defeated. The power works. Warmonger returns only to find that Skullmaster is still alive.

-Nice to see Skullmaster again, his episodes really should’ve been spaced out better through out the season
-Max talks to his grandma
-Norman says Cowabunga
– Max visits Lithuania, Zero Island
Figure Ideas: Cartoon accurate Hydra?
Playset Accuracy:Based on Head to Head With Hydra, it’s just a giant creature and the story is different but it gets the point accross so good job I guess.

Sirius Trouble
In some tribal village called Dogon one leader gets this amazing power. Virgil and Norman ask for Max to come aid them. Virgil and Max keep fighting about some incident involving Rangoon. The leader Namo cptures them in the vilge and a space ship arrives from Star Sirius every 50 years the Dogons call on them. The small aliens want the source of all power which is nuclear. They realize that the aliens are only taking nuclear waste so Max says he surrenders if they take he nuclear waste.

-XYZ Man is a cosmic superhero in Mighty Max’s world
-Mighty Max’s twin appears in the Burger Joint Teeny Burger
-The raft from Dragon Island makes an appearance here
-Norman casually punches a great white shark
-Norman lost against the Lemurian deathstalker because of not understanding what virgil had to say
-The Sirians are bird like chicken aliens
– Max visits an African Village
Figure Ideas: Namo? Cartoon Accurate Sirians.
Playset Accuracy:Based on Takes on Terror Talon / Defies the Dreadstar and well we see the ship, they go inside it for a bit. We don’t see much of it or any of the gimmicks of the playset but hey it appeared.

Armageddon Closer
Skullmaster makes a new crystal of souls and traps his lizard minions in it. Virgil and Norman go to Max’s Birthday party to tell him about the end of the world. Virgil explains a bit more of Max’s role in his house but Skullmaster arrives and attacks them. THe Eye from the cyclops and the whole skeleton rises, he’s gigantic. Since the crystal of souls can summon evil everywhere. Max throws mud at him in the style of the toy packaging and Norman deals the final blow to the cyclops skeleton. THey need to keep the cap aay before the winter solstice and stonehenge since it’s when Skullmaster would need it. So they continue to escape to other places but evil is everywhere so we see Cyberskull jr attack. Episode ends with the spider that will eat Norman.
-It’s Max’s Birthday
-We see Max’s Mom, Bea and Felix one more time.
-We see Virgil’s House
-The lemurians prophetized everything and painted it on murals we see cameos of many episodes
It’s a flashback episode of sorts with clips of the first episode, the ending of the first season, the premier of the second season and skulmaster episodes
-Max see’s Norman dies
-I thought prophecy ended in the beginning of the season when Max changed fate
-The last tile is empty since the Mighty one will fill it.
– Max visits Mongolia, Turkey, some south americn place?
Figure Ideas: Giant skeleton cyclops
Playset Accuracy:Based on umm.. they kinda visit different playsets slowly..

Armageddon Outta here
A short recap and we see the spider go against Norman. And they leave and see Norman die. But Max keeps getting attacked, Skullmaster tells Max to go to Stonehenge where VIrgil illdie and Virgil doesn’t want him but Max deides he will go with backup. He seeks Lavalord and finds Nactrone in Skullmountain where Lavalord reigns. They go to Stonehenge where Magus fights the Gargoyle. SKullmaster deeats Lavalord and Max gives his cap in favor of Virgil’s life. But he kills VIrgil regardless. Max is alone without his cap. He attacks Skullmaster when the solstice happens and time is reversed. He begins his adventures from day 1 with all his knowledge of what happened.

-It woudl’ve been interesting to see how they handled this next season. Season 3.
-show ends with Thor
-Skullmaster kills Warmonger
-The cap changes to a crown when Skullmaster wears it, first time we see this behavior
– Max visits Stonehenge, Astro plains, Center of the earth
Figure Ideas: Capless Max? Crown wearing Skullmaster?
Playset Accuracy:Based on well we have skull mountain and Magus show up again.

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