Jurassic Park World’s Top hottest Waifus for dinosaur action

Jurassic Park is one of those franchises that has more females than males, granted that’s because the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park and Jurassic World are female. But in our search for Dinosaur Waifus, let’s take a look only at the Jurassic Park franchise to see what we can dig to make our list of hottest, most desired dino action females if you were stranded in one of the islands of Jurassic Park.

Representing the Jurassic Park era movies it goes to Tea Leoni as Amanda Kirby. I know there’ll be a lot of upset fans that Dr. Ellie Grant doesn’t get it but I’m sorry I always saw her as a mother figure, Ms. Kirby might be older in her appearance but with those eyes you can’t help but wish she was your waifu.

We have a battle of the redheads with Sarah Harding and Claire Dearing but for the sake to represent the second phase of the Jurassic Park / World franchise we decided to choose Claire. Both have their specific charms but Claire does have a few more movies for you to fall in love with in terms of characterization.

Anne from the Jurassic Park Trespasser almost made the list since she’s the first sex symbol Jurassic Park had counting that you could only ever see her arms and chest. Her boobs have become iconic in gaming for being the way you check out her health. But we don’t really know much about her,s he uncovers a bunch of mysteries that make The Lost World a better movie but we don’t uncover enough about her.

So instead we went with Nima Cruz who is a main character in Jurassic Park The Game interquel before The Lost World which came out during the dead period of the franchise. She’s a badass native from Isla Nublar who is tehre to have some cool adventures.

I feel obligated to include Brooklyn of the cartoon Camp Cretaceous since she seems to be the most popular waifu among the tumblr folk. I’m sure if the other cancelled Jurassic Park cartoon projects had come out we’d have stronger contenders.

From the Comics we have Dr. Frances White, one of the few times a fan service original character was done for the franchise.

But of course we can’t go out without having the true OTP Waifu in the Jurassic Park / Jurassic World franchise and that’s Rexy herself. Her name is Roberta and I’m sure she is the one JP Waifu we can all agree won our hearts all these years ago and there’s no one who can replace her

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