Godzilla Singular Point is a prequel to the Anime Movies

I wasn’t sure what to expect from a Godzilla Anime, I somehow didn’t think they’d give me a show I would want to see. The synopsis didn’t leave me with a lot off confidence either. I still wanted to check out Singular Point. I actually enjoyed the Godzilla Anime Trilogy and in a way Singular Point seems like a prequel. It seems that Godzilla Anime is destined to be weird, not necessarily good or bad, it just is. So here we have an episode by episode look at Godzilla Singular Point.

The intro song gives us a great way to open up each episode. The first episode felt a bit slow, it had way too much set up but the ending was cool enough to make it worth the wait. Episode 2 is much better, even if there isn’t a lot of Kaiju action since the characters main plot was interesting and there was enough going on. Satomi is Godzilla Waifu material but in general the characters are interesting. Episode 3 gives us Rodan doing a all out attack, but I felt there was too much fluff which I disliked and it wasn’t as interesting as the previous episode despite having more Kaiju.

Episode 4 has barely any monster scenes but just learning more about the characters was great for me and made this an enjoyable episode. Episode 5 gives us more Kaiju and it’s interesting to see how most have demonic designs, they also seem to fit very nice in style with the godzilla anime movies. Anguirus steals the spotlight despite it being a lackluster episode. Episode 6 is not a great one, I don’t like jet jaguar as a mediocre robot much even if I did learn to like him through out the course of the show. I felt here we had way too much build up for nothing. Anguirus’ death was a bit violent, and he actually survives that.

Episode 7 has mostly set up and not a lot of action but that’s doesn’t take away from the episode, it was enjoyable. Godzilla is about to show up, we get more background into the mystery a la X-Files and Jet Jaguar finally seems more interesting. Episode 8 gives us a cool red sky dynamic which gives us a creepy look. We get some action and some set up which gives us an alright episode. The way Godzilla evolves over time like Shin Gojira with the look of previous kaiju is neat. There is not enough focus on all the other kaiju that show up however.

Episode 9 really shows how influenced by Shing Gojira the show is. I don’t like the rip-off scenes from that movie though, I prefer when it does original stuff. Only point for it is that it’s nice to finally see the kaiju evolve. The episode isn’t the best. Episode 10 is neat and it makes you realize this is a different type of anime since there’s a lot of detail and like the anime trilogy movies the show/movie needs to be watched by paying attention to it or you can miss some important information. Many are filtered with all the set up and science but it pays off like this episode does.

Episode 11 is another slower one. I do like how jet jaguar makes a good way to represent and bridge the gap between storytelling of humans and kaiju. Episode #12 builds up for the end of the season there’s a lot of explanations of the end of the world, not much action otherwise but it leaves that for. Episode 13 which gives us an ending and a pretty good one since it gives a conclusion. Funnily enough we don’t get much Godzilla action or focus. They were definitely trying to keep him more of a monster. Overall the episode is slow and has a lot of set up, jet jaguar is there to save the world, but shit hits the fan at the end of the episode.

The classic Godzilla music doesn’t fit Singular Point so well and seems out of place. Could this be a prequel to the original trilogy movies? I still feel it’s all building up to as if Godzilla singular point was a prequel to the netflix anime movie trilogy. The fact that they never made a season 2, we can easily think of this being the prequel to those movies. I wish we could’ve gotten more Singular Point since it was an interesting take on the franchise.

Luigi Kawasaki

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