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G4TV is known for many things, being a gaming TV cable channel, the home of X-Play, Attack of the Show, killing TechTV. But they’re also known for all the ladies they had, as a network aimed at teenagers and young adults they tried to appeal to them and luckily we got not just some great hosts but also some hot hosts For this years Summer Swimsuit special article we have the best 5 G4 Bikini babes. I’m guessing this post is not Frosk approved, mostly because she did not make the cut.

Morgan webb
She was one of the TechTV originals and easily the hottest after Laura Swisher. She was arguiably in a way the first e-thot of gaming and despite G4 having many models, her actual geekyness gave Morgan webb a special aura/alore. while she never did anything too sexual for the network, she did appear in a bunch of magazines like FHM to talk about “gaming” in Bikinis. Looking back the photos did not age as well as I remember but there just simply couldn’t be a G4 swimsuit special without Morgan.

Olivia Munn
The thing that made Olivia Munn fantastic was her attitude. She was always game for anything they threw at her. And while a model with more ambitious, that didn’t take away that she loved the geekyness of the network and completely embraced it. Before all her plastic surgeries, she just looked stunning. She has many different bikinis that could’ve made the list but I especially love this one, it completely embodies the late 2000s. Including the low quality of the image, so that’s not a bug, it’s a feature!

Layla Kayleigh
Giving her huge stories in the Feed, she was definitely more of a model than a gamer culture girl. Nevertheless she seemed to have fun and is fondly remembered as being a part of AOTS. I mean after all her bikini shoot is 007 inspired, that’s gotta be worth something.

Kristin Nicole Adams Holt
She gave us tons of tips on how to cheat before cheaters became a thing for the network. I can’t say it was the most useful show in the age of the internet but she always felt a part of G4. A shame she wasn’t used for something else at G4 but she made the cut for this summer special.

Sara Jean Underwood
The last female AOTS host wasn’t as popular but she had plenty of potential. She was fun but sadly always lived in the shadow of Olivia. It would’ve been great to see her stand out a bit more, perhaps with more shows it could’ve happened. There were plenty of bikinis from her to choose from as well but I went with a more recent picture since she decided to upgrade her upper arsenal and that gave me two reasons to go for it.

This list was tougher than I thought it would. I didn’t want to make it a safe list but still many were not able to make it. Let’s just say that Alison Haislip, Carissa Walford, Kevin Pereira, hell even Amouranth from nu G4 and others were very close to have made it on the list.

Luigi Kawasaki

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