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In my course for learning french in one year, the best way to really get the feeling of the language is constant practice and interaction with the language. Something as simple as changing the language to your cellphone or TV help out even if a little. Of course it can also make it difficult to use your devices.

But using that same logic of making something you already do in your daily life and transform it into a hidden french lesson helps you in the process. I am not a big fan of other social media sites like Facebook but I do like and use twitter on a daily basis. I started following different twitter accounts to help me out which you should as well; Don’t forget to follow me as well @0sdp.

The list will be divided into three categories: News, Fun & Grammar.

Grammar is always important even if you may hate it since you can’t speak a language without knowing its rules. Following some grammar Twitter accounts is always nice since you get a quick review of something or a link to a related article. The following accounts either teach grammar, have exercises, words and phrases of the day or images with important information.

Learn French Pascal
Liv Lang French
Transparent French
French Words

Some accounts that you follow have to be fun and give you cool stuff or information to keep you interested.

@Thomas Pesquet: As a French astronaut, he always has something interesting and fun to tweet even if not daily. He usually writes his tweets in both English and French to help out.

@Oscar Lemaire: French video game journalist, if you are into the gaming industry he usually tweets out information that other sources don’t, especially European stuff.

@Justin Trudeau: The Canadian Prime Minister also tweets things out in both English and French since he is a strong proponent that Canada is a bilingual country. His tweets are usually informative and you learn a lot from following him.

Emmanuel Macron: President of France and like Justin Trudeau his tweets are informative and you can learn about French Culture.

@Animal Crossing FR: For fans of the Animal Crossing video game, this account tweets rarely but usually awesome stuff.

It’s important to follow the news and here it really helps if you’re already familiar with what’s going on with the world which helps to understand the context of new words. You can also start to see a more European perspective of news stories which you might be presented differently in other countries. Here are some news papers and news organizations to follow.

La Tribune
Les Echos
Le Monde
i24NEWS Français

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