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Looking back on.. Instant Star

One summer I somehow got hooked into Degrassi: The Next Generation, granted it’s not a terrible show but you’ve got to realize that I was a legal adult by the time I started watching it making it a bit embarrasing. It aired on The N which was Nickelodeon’s slightly older skewing channel and it had been fairly successful which is why they they tried to do a second show to cash-in on the success, Instant Star.

Instant Star would be about a girl who won a music talent reality show and is now having to deal with the consequences of it all since she’s still a teenager. The show was promoted quite a bit and as awful as the premise sounds all that marketing worked as I was there the day of the premier. I would continue watching it every Friday night, even returning home or leaving late on social Friday just to watch the new episodes.
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Legends of the Hidden Temple fan recreation

I’m a little hyped for the upcoming Legends of the Hidden Temple movie coming out and I’ve been watching a few episodes of the show. I found this video which tries to re-create the game show and it does a surprisingly good job at it. You can tell they put a lot of heart into it even if the games and whatnot are rather simple things. The fan recreation is about the length of the actual show and includes all the segments you expected from the Nickelodeon game show. The creator Lauren is trying to get funding for another episode so if you’re interested you can click here. Props to everyone involved.
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