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Thanksgiving Cartoon Commercials

When you’re a kid Thanksgiving can be a bit boring, and tv networks knew this and took advantage by having a lot of kid friendly content for them to watch. I say thanks to these executives this thanksgiving who pretty much saved the day over thanksgiving weekend.

Circa 1998 Kids WB! did a better job at showing us the Kids WB! Family gathering, adding random cartoon characters all together a la Space Ghost over what appears to be a high school cafeteria with various characters showing their worst manners by farting and belching. You gotta give them credit for doing it at all.

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Looking back on.. The Adventures of Pete and Pete

The Adventures of Pete and Pete was a staple for Nickelodeon in the early 90s which I guess most of us watched day after day and enjoyed. The show isn’t that long and I can’t find any information on why it was cancelled but there’s just something special about the show that stays in your mind. I loved it as a kid but looking back on it now was it really any good?

Pete and Pete nick

Before it was ever a show it started off as a series of shorts that are about a minute long with two specials being about 5 minutes. It’s actually somewhat hard to find these shorts and I was only able to watch about half of them. They really do feel like in the show even if only a minute long. Everyone from the show is much younger and Ellen is actually featured alongside Pete and Pete in the intro. Many of the things from the TV show like origins of stuff are actually from these shorts so its weird they didn’t keep airing them or bundled them as a special. You can also see some dialog and ideas that later became full episodes.
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What we know about Nick’s Rise of the TMNT

Lately we’ve had a few Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles announcements, the first was that Platinum Dunes’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wouldn’t get a third entry which is a shame since I wanted to see more of that unvierse, more recently we got the sad news that the 2012 Nick CG show which apparently is now renamed as Tales of the TMNT, was going to be cancelled after the fifth season. This was also a bit upsetting since I felt that incarnation could’ve told a few more stories. But with death came rebirth as they also announced a new Ninja Turtles show called Rise of the TMNT which meant that Viacom was not done with the franchise and I don’t think this will be another The Next Mutation..

After the sale of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Viacom I had always been afraid of the long term plans for the franchise. I knew in the short term we’d finally get a movie and a new show not to mention a bunch of licensed goodies. but what would happen after the franchise started to wane like it usually does in cycles? Unlike Mirage who could just reboot the turtles after a waiting a few years; Viacom could very easily put it in its vault like Disney does to its older franchises. Viacom has plenty of Nickelodeon IP’s and it does absolutely nothing with them. We’re talking big name franchises like Rugrats so it’s not unprecedented to think they would do the same with the Ninja Turtles after they made a return on their profit. We have indeed seen Viacom be more open to reviving their older stuff lately but there was nothing for sure for TMNT so it was nice to have the announcement that a new show awaits for us. But what exactly is the new show Rise of the TMNT going to be?
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Looking back on.. Instant Star

One summer I somehow got hooked into Degrassi: The Next Generation, granted it’s not a terrible show but you’ve got to realize that I was a legal adult by the time I started watching it making it a bit embarrasing. It aired on The N which was Nickelodeon’s slightly older skewing channel and it had been fairly successful which is why they they tried to do a second show to cash-in on the success, Instant Star.

Instant Star would be about a girl who won a music talent reality show and is now having to deal with the consequences of it all since she’s still a teenager. The show was promoted quite a bit and as awful as the premise sounds all that marketing worked as I was there the day of the premier. I would continue watching it every Friday night, even returning home or leaving late on social Friday just to watch the new episodes.
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Legends of the Hidden Temple fan recreation

I’m a little hyped for the upcoming Legends of the Hidden Temple movie coming out and I’ve been watching a few episodes of the show. I found this video which tries to re-create the game show and it does a surprisingly good job at it. You can tell they put a lot of heart into it even if the games and whatnot are rather simple things.

fan legends hidden temple game

The fan recreation is about the length of the actual show and includes all the segments you expected from the Nickelodeon game show. The creator Lauren is trying to get funding for another episode so if you’re interested you can click here. Props to everyone involved.
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