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Thanksgiving Cartoon Commercials

When you’re a kid Thanksgiving can be a bit boring, and tv networks knew this and took advantage by having a lot of kid friendly content for them to watch. I say thanks to these executives this thanksgiving who pretty much saved the day over thanksgiving weekend.

Circa 1998 Kids WB! did a better job at showing us the Kids WB! Family gathering, adding random cartoon characters all together a la Space Ghost over what appears to be a high school cafeteria with various characters showing their worst manners by farting and belching. You gotta give them credit for doing it at all.

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You’ve reached the end of the internet

Alert! You have reached the end of the internet. You have seen everything there is to see. Please go back, now.

If you reached this page it’s because you finished the internet. only the most avid web surfers and cybernauts could’ve finished the cyberspace so a congratulation is in order. You’ve reached an imperative level of skill sadly t was not without its price however, If you’re here that means you’ve seen a lot of messed up 5h17! as the internet only gets more unreal in its most deplorable corners but steel is forged through fire and you are now prepared for anything the world wide web might throw at you.
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