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French Memes

Memes may have started on the internet since its inception, it wasn’t until much later that 4chan popularized various memes but they’ve truly gone global with each country having their own specific memes that don’t leave the region.

I decided to look for some and found this compilation of various memes. Of course without much context many of them can be difficult to understand but here it is:

I also found this remix which at least includes subtitles and makes theme easier to follow in song form:


I will see what are some of my favorites and see if I can help explain the context a little better so they’re not left as region only memes, we’re worldwide now bébé.

french meme

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Early internet song song memes

During the times of Web 1.0 having streaming video was sort of a privilege and not something very common you would find online but we did see the rise of flash which sort of gave us video in the early days. With it we got a few of the first internet memes on the internet, at least musical internet memes. Most of us have forgotten about them and some of us don’t know them so let’s take a look at some internet history.

Thanks to the awful translation in the Sega game Zero Wing we got one of the most popular gaming internet memes that is still referenced to this day. hell the website, all your base are belong to us is still active. Even if its nearly two decades old it somehow still feels fresh and the internet tried hard to make Engrish feel overdone, now Someone set us up the memes. Classic.
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