Jurassic Park the Restaurant: Prehistoric Land

I found out there was a Jurassic Park / Jurassic World theme restaurant in Guadalajara Mexico and of course I had to go and check it out. Now officially it’s just a Dinosaur themed restaurant called Prehistoric Land but that’s only to help avoid any legal trouble and for them to operate within the law of fair use without infringing copyright, but this is very much a Jurassic Park themed restaurant and you feel it. it’s not any place that goes through all the trouble to get so many details right in a themed restaurant, this isn’t just any place with a few dinosaur decorations. Here is our full dino adventure.

I first found out about this place when it opened by Jurassic Park collector Astrid Vega as she needed a place to put her collection; and her collection continues to live through this restaurant. It was always in my mind if I ever went to Guadalajara and the stars aligned for me to check it out. This was a labor of love as you can see little details everywhere that not only make you feel like in the best dinosaur themed restaurant but a Jurassic Park restaurant.

Just looking at the restaurant from the outside is a treat with its architecture and decoration. Sadly I didn’t see the jeep explorer which is sometimes parked there. Once you go in you can see that they spared no expense as nearly everything is themed and it really adds to the experience.

Now for the actual food is alright, prices are a bit steep for the quality that you get but it isn’t bad. Nothing too special in the theme of the food but that doesn’t subtract points. Except for perhaps the volcano nachos though those weren’t very good. Next time I go I’ll update the article to see if the they have better options in terms of food. But at the end of the day you’re going here for the dinosaur thematic.

Everywhere in the restaurant you will see Jurassic Park toys and memorabilia on shelves, you see stuff from every movie up to Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. The collection is impressive and nostalgic; especially non figure stuff pencils watches, etc. It’s all these things that make you feel like a kid again going through shelves seeing the merch when the movie was new. In fact I’d say that’s the highlight. As far as the figures I actually would’ve wanted to see the figures displayed in a better way like by waves or loose figures in dioramas (Dinoramas?) but whatever it’s still a great collection to see.

Prehistoric Land has a lot of Easter eggs all around the restaurant as you walk, from the chairs, stairs, the raptor, the fact that they make it so it seems like you’re in a cave. The electric fences, posters all around and hell even the waiters are dressed as paleontologists. Did I mention one of the bathrooms has dilophosaurs faucets?

And if you’re a kid wow you’ll have even more fun, they have a gift store where you can buy some dinosaur themed merchandise, though when I went there wasn’t a huge selection of stuff. You can even get ceramic dinosaurs for you to paint while you wait for your food. They also have random arcades for kids to play and overall this would be an excellent restaurant to go if you were a kid (or adult Jurassic Park fanboy).

I plan on going one more time very soon so I might update a few tidbits here in the article but overall I’d recommend going at least once and you’ll have an amazing time.

Luigi Kawasaki

social hermit

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