3 Summer Videos Volume 3 Music Match Deftones, Mungo Jerry, The Ataris

Summer doesn’t have many days left anymore but August deserves its own Summer Music Match with volume 3, you can check out the previous two Music Match Summer Music Video recommendations or just summery music videos. This is likely the last one for this year but we’ll have other summery music videos next week.

Deftones – My Own Summer

Heavy, trippy, sharks, summer; This Music VIdeo has it all. Everything just looks so hot in that video even with all the water around. Then of course you have neon colored oceans and a kick ass band playing over floating platforms as a great white shark surrounds them. Nu-Meal at its finest with all its 90s glory. Cloud.

Mungo Jerry – In The Summertime

Now we go back to the 70s for possibly one of the most famous summer songs recorded even if maybe not as associated with summer. We’ve all heard this song all over the place so I can’t say I ever thought too much about it being a summer song. The song has two music videos but neither is particularly thrilling, I chose the original one to showcase since it feels just more humble and odd crazy while the other one is a bit more produced but isn’t necessarily better either even if I do like the random boot and how flat the city looks from the angle they’re playing from. Don’t take my word for it and go ahead and compare yourself.

The Ataris – The Boys of Summer

I can’t say we’re ending with a great cover song but definitely a nostalgic one. A cover of Don Henley’s The Boys of Summer, the Ataris don’t do a horrible interpretation but it defintiely reeks of the mid 00’s and that’s why I like it. Hated by me when it came out but I ended up listening to it so many times and it hits all the right chords all these years later and I”m sure that it does for others. This rebellious video feels a bit innocent now looking back, the innocence of rebellious youth, ironic isn’t it.

Deftones Cover model LP cover

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