MiscRave 2022 Update

Another year and a special one with one of our favorite movies Jurassic Park releasing the final installment for well at leas this story we’ll be doing a Dinosaur Year again where we will help build hype for Jurassic World Dominion by having as many Jurassic Park articles as we can get to and also dinosaur ones. That’ll be the theme for at least half of the year taking up most of the posts for the current year. But those are not all our plans, we just want to make sure that we are hyped.

Generally we’ll see more clean up on the site, older articles will be revisited and updated, we fixed the images and broken links in all of them last year to make sure it all worked but this time we want to add a new coat of paint and make sure that they are green. Our podcast and youtube projects have continued to work on the background so we’ll definitely continue with those and we’ll have some additional stuff as well. I don’t expect any big changes on the background of the site at least for the first half and let’s see how it goes. Continue to expect new articles at least every Thursday, they go live at midnight central time so if you’re restless Wednesday night you know where to go.

Luigi Kawasaki

social hermit

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