original jurassic park trilogy is a different world

It’s the 30th anniversary. 3 Movies. 30 years. Despite the original being my favorite movie and posting articles related to it endlessly, I wrote my general memories of viewing the Jurassic Park movie franchise before.I never felt the need to talk about the movie itself. But the JP Trilogy has its own unique feel that is very different from Jurassic world. They are different movies that will never be able to be replicated, not just the original but the whole trilogy. Everyone has their favorite but spoiler alert, Jurassic Park needs no sequel. I want more sequels because I love the world and I love that we got this trilogy. JP > /// > TLw if you really need to know. But let’s dwell a little bit more into every movie in the Trilogy.

Jurassic Park
what can be said about this movie? Mostly since there isn’t much I can say that hasn’t been said about the film. I think it’s the only movie I could recommend anyone no matter their taste. Not that there are many people who have never seen it. It pretty much is perfect in every way. The only thing that I would’ve liked. more as a kid nad heck even as an adult is to see more of the park and more dinosuars. I realize that would break the pacing and shock of seeing dinosaurs. Most likely make it a worse movie overall, but it’s the only thing I could think of. Still proud that I was basically the only kid in my class who got to watch it in theaters because the movie was rated PG13 and their parents didn’t let them watch it. It just hits different. watching it for the first time in VHS, DVD and later when re-released in 3D, all felt almost as special as the very first time I watched it.

The Lost world: Jurassic Park
There was nothing I wanted more than Jurassic Park 2, so when the sequel was coming out I was excited as hell. The only thing that triggered me is that it was not called Jurassic Park: The Lost world. My expectations were very high expecting something like what the comics, video games and toys had done as a sequel so I was disappointed in that regard and still am. The characters aren’t the strongest and overall the movie is very ambitious but doesn’t manage to make it work. I hated the idea of dinosuars in the mainland which is another dislike in a weak film. I like the movie but it disappoints. with that said there is still so much here that coudl’ve been expanded and made into a better movie and/or spin-off from here. Many characters feel like you barely got to know them, so despite everything it still had characters you wanted to see developed, it just didn’t happen.

Jurassic Park 3 ///
I’m annoyed by the lack of subtitle, the Spinosaurus logo I actually think was kind of cool though I can understand why they have retconned it to be consistent. I love this movie more than The Lost world, because despite its flaws it’s a simple story that is successfully interpreted. Yeah it leaves a bunch of questions but that was never te intention of the movie to resolve, it just wanted to tell a basic story and it succeeds unlike The Lost world which was the opposite. The biggest problem I had with the movie is Allan being a broken man but that’s exactly what the movie wanted you to feel and luckily in Jurassic world Dominion things are made right with him and Ellie. Going back to the islands with Dr. Grant was everything I could’ve asked for and a convinient plot was all I needed.

The Jurassic Park Trilogy is well just a trilogy for being 3 movies, there’s no real world building or any arc between them. Even The Lost world being a direct sequel feels like something different from the first one since Ian Malcolm is now the main character and is acting different, it doensn’t seem like a real sequel in a way. Many don’t even realize that 3 is in a different island and 3 doesn’t even give us a feel good ending like Jurassic Park or The Lost world, it’s just and ending. If the Jurassic world trilogy made the Jurassic Park trilogy feel more one universe in hindsight, definitely not after the trilgy finished. But stil the Jurassic Park trilogy while they are for the most part 3 separate stories definitely do feel as part of the same era, a different Jurassic franchise than what it would become.

I can think of a better different JP Trilogy that actually connected, with the Barbasol can for the sequel and a third movie with the Park finally working, but that’s just little kid me wanting a sequel, what we got is not what I expected. TLw did make me forget a bit about the franchise, but JP/// made me get back into it in full force. with such a strong seed that is the original movie it wasn’t hard for it to be my favorite movie series.

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