Miscrave’s Halloween traditions

What are some of your Halloween traditions that you guys follow? As an adult it can be difficult to get in the mood for Halloween but I definitely try to at least make some effort. It has become difficult for me to pretty much do anything like putting any decorations at all and if I find a decent Halloween party I feel satisfied for the year but even then I try to add to the holiday. The only thing I can say not many people get to do is I eat “Pan de Muerto” or “dead bread” which is a traditional Mexican bread for Dia de Muertos but I count it as part of a Halloween tradition.

I’m not really into horror films but I try to watch at least some Halloween related movies and shows, now I’m pretty lax with that definition so purists shouldn’t be complaining. This year I’ve already watched the Friday the 13th remake and plan to watch the Nightmare on Elm street remake as well to finish off with Freddy vs Jason. I’ve been marathoning a season of the Twilight Zone for the past few years and this being the fourth year and reaching season 4. I mix it up with some episodes of Are you Afraid of the Dark? and/or Goosebumps. Nostalgia can only go so far which is why I can only enjoy a few episodes of those two shows before I take a break until next year. Finally I also add a podcast to my feed and listen to Dune Read’s Goosebumps which are basically audiobooks from the R.L. Stine classic books which aren’t all that classic. The added commentary to the book actually makes the books tolerable while still hitting right in the nostalgia notes, I recommend checking them out if you ever feel like going back to read a Goosebumps I fear it may be the only way.

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