Top Dinosaur Waifus: Fall in love with Dinosaur Women

I was thinking about what to do for a themed Valentine’s Day post and since I’m on a Jurassic themed year I thought a post full of Dino Waifus seemed like a great idea. This proved to be more difficult and not really what I wanted to do but dammit, I had already wasted too much time on it to cancel it. I decided to choose the most “iconic” dinosaur women from different media so we have one in each category comic/video game/anime/film and I avoided any getting too close to anthropomorphic territory so Teryx from Dinosaucers didn’t make the cut.

Hannah Dundee

Xenozoic Tales also known as Cadillacs & Dinosaurs we get our Comic Book pick with Hannah Dundee who happens to live in a future where Dinosaurs came back. She is a weird mesh of various character traits being a Diplomat, Scientist but also an explorer/adventurer. I can’t say she fits her first two roles very well but whatever it’s in her CV. I get a Lara Croft vibe from her being both a sexy and yet badass. I’m not a huge fan of the aesthetics that characters have in Xenozoic Tales but for not being a mainstream franchise and kind of obscure Hannah is definitely iconic.


From Capcom’s Dino Crisis Series we have Regina to represent the video game pick who became rather popular quickly but just as fast went out of the public eye. Here we see her in the “bikini” edition of the PSM Magazine from years back. Fun game that played like a survival-horror Resident Evil game at first and later more action oriented. With only 2 games she was able to become a rather iconic character that people still remember her even though it’s many long years without her having any relevancy.

Zoe Drake

From the awesome anime Dinosaur King we have Zoe Drake represinting anime who uses dinosaurs like Pokemon in battle. I have to admit she didn’t have a lot of competition in the anime dinosaur world but even with an obscure and forgotten anime it’s odd to see how big of a fandom she really has since I wouldn’t have ever thought so. But I guess if you combine Pokemon and Dinosaurs no matter how obscure it was going to find a niche. Now that i think about it everyone from this list is from an old or dead franchise, or shall I say…extinct?


While this trope is mostly dead now, for a while the cavemen and cavewomen in fur bikinis were a very common and popular thing in prehistoric movies. This has died for the better but it had such a lasting impact that I’d say sill remains even if a little bit with Dinosaur Babes appearing in many b-movies. For this reason it’s only natural to have Raquel Welch as Loana in her iconic fur bikini that began it all as our pick for movies.

Ellie Sattler of Jurassic Park only gets an honorable mention since the Jurassic Park franchise has focused too much on their female characters though that seems to be changing with Claire but as iconic as Ellie Sattler is she just can’t beat the impact from the above choice.

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