Category: Hype-Train

Pre-Hype: The excitement over something that can happen
Hype: The unchecked immediate emotions you feel over something.
Post-Hype: After the announcement opinions may change.

Post Hype Nintendo Direct 9.13.17

I haven’t been too excited about Nintendo Directs for a long while, in fact the last time I actually wrote about a Nintendo Direct was a year ago. I had also previously written why...

E3 2017 Post-Hype

E3 2017 came and went and let’s take a look at how my predictions went which were for the most part correct and how Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony did at the Electronic Entertainment Expo....

No longer aboard the Nintendo Direct hype trains

Nintendo Directs were somewhat frequent and usually came out of nowhere. Sometimes they were very good and sometimes very disappointing. Nevertheless having these mini-E3’s through out the year was excellent. While we have had...