The time my satire made it on SomethingAwful

SomethingAwful was a very popular site where a lot of the early internet memes and trends would start. The story begins by saying that I was a member at, one of the largest Pokemon communities and even if I wasn’t really a regular I would stop from time to time when there was a big Pokemon announcement. On one of these occasions I found a hilarious thread about being attracted to Pokemon.

The early comments on the thread were normal replies that you would expect from a thread like this calling the original poster sick, this is when I started trolling the thread which you can see in the link above. I quickly realized some were being deadly serious about it which is when I bailed on the thread, I was aware of the furry community but I guess I didn’t know just how far and wide it really reached.

The thread remained for another two years apparently but I only make an appearance on the first page. It’s fairly funny at least until then. I wasn’t the only one who found it funny since someone on SomethingAwful decided to use that thread when writing an article on SomethingAwful, He screengrabs a few posts but there’s more where that came from in the original thread. The author decided to use not one but two of my trolling attempts on his article, ironically for such a sarcastic community he wasn’t able to pick up mine but all for the better since it makes a funny story.

Luigi Kawasaki

social hermit