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Mighty Max cartoon intro HD + restoration of episodes

I was obsessed with Dinosaurs as a kid so when I saw this cute little playset with a dinosaur I asked my mother for it. It was a Mighty Max figure and from there on I became a huge fan and had a ton of playsets. Sadly I never got to watch the cartoon besides an episode or two until a few years ago online. The Mighty Max cartoon is very different from the stories on the playsets but is loved by many. While it may be different it’s still an awesome cartoon that I’m sure I’ll talk about in the future but we can take a look at the opening today and some information that might be interesting to fans of the show.

Unlike the commercials it doesn’t really say Mighty Max’s name since the song doesn’t really have lyrics but it provides a quick glimpse of what the show is all about with some nice mystic yet modernly electric music to go along with it which fits the fantasy/sci-fi elements the franchise has. Now one thing you may have noticed is that unlike other Mighty Max videos online that video was really clean. This is because a fan got tired of waiting for a DVD release and decided to work on a Mighty Max Restoration Project which aims to get as many episodes encoded and looking as well as they can.

Make sure you check it out, obviously this show was not done in HD and he is getting the episodes from the official VHS releases and tweaking the video to make it look the best it can and it really is the best Mighty Max has looked. This was the VHS era in the 90s so the entire show wasn’t made available in casettes so the project is almost impossible to do since many of the episodes only have badly VHS recordings available as a source but we’ll see how far this project can go.

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