Legend of Isla Nublar: Secret, Special & Complete Episode Guide

The Lore that we got from Lego Jurassic World animated series and movies is extensive, we get a ton of information on the varios shows and it’s important to document it. We’ve discussed the canonicity of it all and how it fits into Jurassic Park continuity before, but here we will just take a look at the facts of things that happened in the show. So here is a coplete guide on Legend of Isla Nublar as well as any other projects related to Lego Jurassic World. This post is a draft and will be cleaned up in the near future.

The Indominus Escape:
For the most part we are taking a look at the videos in chronological order so The Indominus Escape was first but we are taking a look at it now. Since it was first there are some obvious differences in tone, script and events in general but it still fits within this continuity just fine. The differences also helps us see how exactly the other events might’ve occurred in the movie canon since we see here how the events do differ.

Indominus Escapes (Jurassic World Retelling)
The JPWiki says its a prequel but that’s incorrect, it’s an adaptation of the movie but with differences: Misrani is flying a hellicopter with Claire but then lands and accidentally takes the top off the pterodactyl aviary and he starts to fall but Owen takes a pterodactyl named Tango to save Misrani. There are no attractions since the pterodactyl area needs to have the dome fixed the dome so she needs to come up with a new attraction. Employee thinks his dinosaur costume is too realistic and dinos are too friendly with him. Simon’s dying request, no confirmation he’s dead so perhaps he is alive as he states but he is. claire thinks new vicious dinosaur. it’s good to take this into consideration because of how legend of isla nublar goes. Wu tells Claire they can take dinosaurs, so not necessarily the show legend of isla nublar is all correct if we take adaptation. Dr wu tells Claire they can definitely build dinosaurs, the rex with the heavy head from legend of Isla Nublar is here, Dr Wu shows Indominus, contradicts a bit that they don’t know about hybrids and claire Did know about the Indominus but it’s ok. This contradiction is more because this special was written by a different team. Wu mentions how they’ve always created Dinos with filled gaps. Claire asks how the process works and he makes a carnoraptor, mentions they’ve been keeping hybrids. The mascot is lost in old version of the park. they go to the section with all of Wu’s wacky creations and it’s full of hybrids. Hoskins is still hunting the mascot thinking he’s real but he is stopped by random dinos. Claire calls a dilophosaurus red. Mascot now has a hotdog costume and the Indominus chases hotdog mascot. Owen grabs motorcycle to go with raptor squad to find them. Clearly they take their own liberties, same with legends of isla nublar. Apparently the indominus wants a bunch of raptor lackeys. All the dinos attack and stop the indominus. he falls in the pit.. make new attraction with hybrid dinosaurs. with them playing soccer. Claire keeps the dilophosaurus. Dr wu is making another Indominous Tht is more fierce and ends on that cliffhanger.

Secret Exhibit
Dr. Wu is talking about hybrids, mention of isla sorna!. This is a prequel based on characters not knowing each other including Owen’s dog Red. We get the origin of the raptor squad names and where they came from. A new meeting of claire and owen. Masrani is too silly here. Danny Nedermeyer is the new new it tech, he opens the flyers cage, perhaps happened, code black is the same. We get more of Hoskins background. Random adventure to set up the secret exhibit with dinos from isla sorna so still dinos there. Danny is opening cages, adventure together claire/owen. Red and Blue save him. Escaped pteranodon tranqued and escaped Rex with net. Not counted as something happened, kept under the radar to not reveal what happened, only the pteranodon accidentally released and t-rex unsure. We get a dino carousel. Origin of blues’ name, origin of how Owen was chosen to train them. We also meet Allison Miles: original character assistant of Dr. Wu. We first hear of Jurassic World attendance declining

may 23 2012 just after breakfastd
Claire does well, Simon will make her assistant manager, Owen is hired for the job to transport the dinosaurs and the eggs. Hoskins convinces owen to take the job. Dr Wu is talking about cloning, problems in transporting the dinosaurs from sorna to nublar, claire needs to convince Owen to hurry up to do it. Owen rescues 4 eggs. arrives, wants to get paid and leave. The gyrosphere goes crazy with kid Owen needs to go sav him. Owen is stuck in the old park area with carno dinosaurs like t-rex. Blue the raptor helps save Owen.
& May 23rd 2012
Danny messes with park stuff, lets aviary go out, Hoskins helps stop it, there’s evidence of this happening before and that Hoskins stopped it. Owen tries to get the exhibit dinosaurs and workss with Claire, but rex escapes because the electrified fence is not electrified Red and blue scare t rex enough for them to run and escape on truck, Danny keeps wreacking havoc, red. Owen helps catch the t rex. New Exhbibit is only a carousel with dinos from Sorna. Like han solo he decides to stay at isla nublar and work there instead of going to costa rica like he had planned similar to han solo. Danny changed his name to work at the park.

Legend of isla nublar
June 07 2012 We get a date of when things happen, small events like some things malfunctioning, things need adjustment and constant things not going 100% to plan with small errors here and there like malfunctioning.,

Mission Critical june 7th 2012. Larson Mitchell famous person in cancelling things. sinjin prescot indiana jones like character to find treasure. We get to see more rides that aren’t seen in the movie. show makes a lot of callbacks from the original JP movie. Danny trying to sabotage and make reviewer have a bad time.

Stampede: June 11th 2012, a lot of continuity between episodes, even the shorts not expecting this, expected only the smallest continuity and errors but instead it’s consistent. We get more masrani and claire and stuff we wish we had seen in the movie. She keeps kissing ass to Misrani and Owen seems to be resenting it. Carnoraptor brachioseratops, Dr wu and assistant begin working on hybrids. Mososaurus starts off small but keeps growing. the fortune hunter hired by it guy with map is still working to find the gold. Claire and Simon Masrani get lost when there’s a storm. They find shelter ,Hoskins team is on the look out. There is a mention of Benjamin Lockwood being john hammonds partner cool esater egg solidifying the retcon. They really love continuity and respect it and wish to fix it. Dennis nedry wanted gold, just like the bounty hunter, needs a map, so based on this vhs tape Dennis Nedry was looking for gold . st. mt melvin.. so with this retcon Dennis wanted to find gold since hammond wasnt paying him enough.

June 13th HYbrid of terror: Sinjid still working with Danny, trying to hide the secret tape of Dennys’. owen moves to dennys old trailer, has full of Jurassic Park stuff, origin of his cabin? Masrani wants a Jurassic Park Origins display with all the memorabilia. Masrani not happy with Wu’s idea of a Double Rex bigger than normal,, works on a new hybrid, Masrani mentions the problem with the hybrid they worked on before, no other mention of hybrids, it’s not set after Jurassic World so perhaps a reference to another or even the spino of Jurassic Park///? Wu creates a t rex Ankylosaurus hybrid that breaks out and Owen and the rest need to catch it. Not only speculation, after they catch her they bring her to a special place in the park with other hybrids like the stegoceratops. but Owens mentions there are other “hybrids” here. but we don’t see anything else besides the one.

Pteradon’t june 16th “have a jurassic day” . Hudson Harper golden platinum riple five black diamond annual VIP guest pass holder, carousel. Dennis thought he was being watcehd so he sent 3 of the 4 map peices to Danny. Nods to indiana jones. Hudson gets into the pteradon’s cage despite bieng closed since they’re nesting , convinces park guests and they take him. Hoskins always in charge of security. Danny tells assistant of dr. Wu; Allison she’d be respected at her park, gets keycard for Danny so they can get the VHS tape for the map. Owen and Hoskins go save kid. kid is rescued and indiana jones character is caught stealing the tape but not danny. Claire gets the VHS tape from the Sinjin and the kid is saved.

June 29 2012 the power and the peril. — Ian Malcolm arrives to Jurassic WorldBiography life has a way chaotic reflections of a rockstar mathematician promote . Flirts with Claire. Claire Surprised he wanted to return , he’s a mathematician and probability it can be a better experience this time. Tempting nature and train dinosaurs. Lego is just the art style. Claire likes malcolm.
Owen meets malcolm, nervous of raptors starts being precautionary. Begins to think it was a mistake coming back. No incidents 8 years. Owen wants to show that trained dinos work. Danny working with an unknown person woman, dino village amusement park name of park. Looking for treasure. Working for someone else.
Dr wu having problems with dinosaurs, iam saying things are the same since Wu attacked by compy’s, power surges let them out. The mososaurus is growing. Ian gives the compy’s food. One compy wasn’t recaught. Larson Mitchell merritt’s Guy back to review. Hudson kid spears he has vip passbb. Ian late to lecture . They take monorail but power surge caused it to go quicker. Danny can’t find treasure with Sinjin. Overload by giving extra power since they had more visitors. Compy is in the monorail to eat kid. Red the dog always there in eps, in this one he saves the kid and also the raptor squad. Malcolm stops the monorail, Ian rides jeep, he isn’t happy. Danny finds keys to condo. The heroes go to stop the electrical power owen used the raptors to help them stop it. Ian doesn’t see training raptors so bad. maybe ian wanted to promote badly could work.

July 2nd Spit Take -: owen acts as Dino Dave in an act, colin trevorrow makes a cameo. new enclosure for dilophosaurus in a hotel. the aby dilophosaurus escapes the hotel, claire doesn’t want to tell hoskins to not make a big deal about it since he’s not too dangerous so they call owen, owen wants to use the raptor squad. hotel is dinosaur themed like a rock cavern cave and a t-rex skeleton. hotel manager calls hoskins anyway. Red is jealous of the raptors . hotel has a bunch of stuff like souvenirs. cute stuffed animals of a dilo apparently mr. trevorrow always has bad experiences getting hurt in Jurassic world. hoskins team got distracted in the hotel spa. Red saves the day with owen with the baby dilo. everyone thinks it was part of the play.

July 5th fish story: healing a carnotaurus, bad tooth, shinjin has had a lot of adventures apparently. jurassic park flyer on the desk. danny’s boss mad that there isn’t any progress . carnotaur escapes in the field of dinosaurs. claire is a workaholic. mzsrani using virtual reality.. danny helps claire. Hoskins invites owen to fishing trip to make peace and bond since they got off to the wrong foot. owen goes with him because he doesn’t want hoskins to know about the carnotaurus incident that he escaped in a herbivores pen. gate. danny still helping claire to get the vhs tape. sinjin is in old jurassic park era locations. they go fishing, owen tries to fix the mess, hoskins happy with all the equipment he likes to use. baryonix smells the fish and follows owen, they end up in the visitors center, they enter because there’s a hole that sinjin made, the two dinosaurs meet up at the visitors center and fight, hoskins mad that owen didn’t want to bond with him, shinjin still there with the vhs tape and they wonder who he is. says that he is Bernard. when claire leaves after all the work she danny gets the vhs tape. the two predators. hoskins electrocutes the water and stops them. paleo vet happy with dentist job with zapped dinos, owen and hoskins respect each other after this , welll a bit professionally.. wondered what the golfer indy guy was thinking of ., Shinjin wants what he’s paid for and leave to find another tape of denny’s nedry from the vhs tape and the vcr Shinjin got form the visitors center, denny’s mentions capn’ no beards gold his search.

July 8th 2012 Blown Away – We have alan flippin grant giving a speech at a pondium of jurassic world that will have his name, he proceeds to talk bad about the park.. he goes on to talk about how JW would be a horrible idea. he goes as how horrible idea it should be, if we have dinosaurs in today’s age it should be natural existence and not in a glorified zoo. he takes the check for 3 years of research and wants to leave, kind of tricking masrani as to why he went there. masrani tricks him into thinking that the last ferry left so he has to stay there 2 days,. masrani does this so he might end up endorsing the park in the end. owen shows him how the raptors behave, owen is a big fan of grant and alan. the mososaurus water dino keeps growing. Grant gets a tour and sees Dr. Wu, grant is not happy he’s still working there, dr wu also seems upset, judges him for getting book deals movie academic world. “real science marches on dr grant” signed a book deal several movie options darling of academic world. of course kidding with old friend. grant warns dr wu that one slip up is all it takes and how the mososaurus needs a better habitat, claire tells him that they were in process to change him. owen happy at alan its his hero. alan goes to the helicopter to take a tour. . danny keeps trying to sabotage the park, in this case the helicopter with masrani and alan, alan still after everything the chaos the dinos that almost ate him, he’s still happy and can’t believe dinosaurs are real and here. masrani needs to emergency land the helicopter. alan not happy that they are now in the jungle. misrani can’t walk well he’s hurt, alan. owen uses his wits to find a car. wwagd what would alan grant do. , they drive through the park, alan thinking he’s in trouble the others odn’t. owen mentions that grant wrote a book with dr. sattler about the discovery titanosaurus, mentions they were a great team, he says that they were once.. danny thinks there’s something going on between owen and claire. claire suspicious that there have been things suspicious lately in the park, danny tries to change the suspicion. Claire goes to check on masrani, there’s a storm. Dr. Wu moves mososaurus. triceratops chasing the gang. cars break down. they escape by going up a tree. alan sees a brachiosaurus, deja vu like jurassic park 1. claire finds them and sees how they accidentally fall to the pond, the pond where dr. wu is dumping the mososaurus. alan regrets coming back but owen tells him why things are fine. claire tries to help them and they get out of the pond without any real trouble. grant says he’ll endorses it since he liked owen’s animal behavior research. kinda tells him that he should do something with claire or he’ll lose her like he lost dr sattler. owen doesn’t do anything .

July 10 the haunted and the hunted
Working at night workers scared. Masrani wants to build villas for time share, he really is portrayed as a business man here. Worker forest, having issues sends claire, and claire gets owen. Hudson being babysat by owen.

Danny & sinjid watching dennis tapes, to see captain no beards treasure. But don’t find always a lot of stuff and plot points happening and it works, keeps you entertained. wu assistant Allison finds flaw but wu says it’s not his work but computer. Workers at villa scared or an invisible presence. Apparently before hammond there was a story if s ghost, owe n talking about stuff he saw when he was at the navy. Weird things happen in the villa, claire thinking it’s a disgruntled worker for working triple shifts.

Dennis apparently was very petty and couldn’t forgive anyone that did him wrong. Wu assistant Allison makes discovery tech support shuts computer down. Owen claire Hudson run to a cave from something. Wu assistant allison mad that her research was deleted. Claire almost confesses love for someone, In cave they find a baby hybrid dinosaur making s nest. Looks like a big Head rex. It was the one causing issues. Released unsuccessful hybrids there so must’ve escaped, transferred to other areas. And perhaps moving the hybrids to another island. Misrani bought the other islands around nublar I guess the 5 muertes. First mention of this. Danny finally finds last piece of map. Allison decides to do a heel turn and team up with Danny

July 14th to the extreme, an x-spots like exhibitions, pteradon P-tea pronounce puh-teea, owen quits because he thinks its a crazy idea and that masrani has just too many wild ideas, jurassic world isn’t for stunts. danny wants to get rid of all the ptea so masrani’s event is ruined. the dinosaurs begin drinking the pu tera tea because of danny, hudson finds out. allison starts to steal things from Wu’s lab, energy drink dumped into the water supply. dinosuars more active and aggressive. x jeep stunt goes wrong extreme because of the dinosaurs having more energy. owen gets a team to transquilize dinosaurs and. stegosaurus junction, danny wants it so he wants to go for the gold, they kidnap hudson allison and sinjid in truck. masrani and owen make up and then wonder who contaminated the supply of the water. owen tells hudson he shouldn’t spend so much time with him since he is a kid and can’t be in dangerous situations he gets

July 15th symptoms – Danny’s new theme park brahciosaurus burg, allison beginning to regret doing this, hudson escapes, sinjid catches him but hudson drops his VIP pass on the ground. claire realizes allison clocked out and no traces of her. owen goes to help claire find allison, she ask for hudson, he thinks hudson is upset and that’s why he’s not with him so far. they joke that things don’t get dangerous like a volcano erupting which will happen in 6 years, we get a flashforward seeing that. first two part episode on the show. owen sniffs poisonous prehistoric plant, needs to get attention but they’re in the middle of nowhere. masrani is with dr. wu and he doesn’t know how to get rid of him. they need to pass a piranha infested lagoon , allison builds a raft to cross. Claire finds something a health/nurse hut from old jurassic park, claire wants to give him random medicine that she finds there to treat him. owen has symptoms of the poison, confesses he likes cliare, an allosaurus attacks, hudson tells allison he’s not related to danny/sinjid and that they took him, she realizes she’s in the wrong side, allison tricks allosaurus and escapes. they want to give him the antidote so owen doesn’t die, he is having delusions, thinking he’s a raptor. allison realizes she was on the wrong team, and they both try to escape but only allison is able to escape not hudson. the random antidote she tries works for owen and it works ,, owen and the raptors scare off the allosaurus, allison confsses as well that she also likes him, masrani to make it up to dr. wu for not leting him work realizes he needs to leave and ive him a nice dinner. allison finds owen claire and tells them about danny. dinosaurs begin escaping after countdown ends, people in shelter masrani stays outside, one person forgot to be in shelter. they find danny, he confesses he had an uncle denny’s changed his name, claire realizes it was him trying to mess up jurassic world all this time. hoskin arrives they find the treasure. an allosaurus is inside the cave, the dinosaur mech begin to fight

july 15th under the volcano: sinjin has a bunch of different adventures before based on all th previous conversations. claire owen allison go down the track to find hudson, danny still trying to end john hammonds legacy, has screensave of the magic word. masrani and dru wu are trying to find claire and allison, they find hoskins who is looking for owen, they get word that there is something that will unleash the dinosaurs from their paddocks, this is something danny did with the countdown, now has a dino mech to excavate. tricks guests to go to to a shelter for a special event / restaurant, winner gets control of the park for 24 hours. there is a countdown until thihe paddocks are opened, hoskins takes defensive position. hudson is able to contact hoskins tells them they’re in monsino the volcano, claire and owen show more affection, hold hands for a second,, they go underneath the volcano with a boat where danny is. danny has a dino mech which he uses to excavate,

july 15th the monster and the mech – the heroes use the distraction to try to escape, allosaurus is fighting the mecha dinosaur. hoskins and hudson leave on a flying type drone leave on a fly. meanwhile in jurassic world the dinosaurs are loose in the main part of the park but the dinnosaurs aren’t hunting humans just running chaos in he park between each other. they try to have the dinos follow them. hoskins throws sleeping powder on dinosaurs wreaking havoc,. works except for the t-rex and hoskins tries to get the rex to follow them. sinjin fights with claire and owen tries to go for danny but allosaurus destorys his robo. allison helps claire by distracting sinjid, but they attract the allosaurus who now goes for them Red tries to attack the allosaurus and the distraction causes him to fall to the piranha infested water. hoskins and hudson end up going to the volcano with the t-rex and now there’s a t-rex vs allosaurus fight and they both go for danny. masrani cals security to get the sleeping dinosaurs in their paddocks. but theres’s a dilophosaurus in his office. the raptor squad attack the carnivosrous dinosaurs, sinjid goes for the gold. allison goes to stop siinjidd falls in the water of piranhas but sinjid helps allison and hudson attacks sinjid. sinjin prescott falls into the water. hoskin gets hit and is hurt uncncoious. dilophosaurus is in the office of masrani with wu and masrani. owen uses his clicker he uses to train raptors all season to separate the allos and rex who are attacking the robot buut while the rexes were leaving happily some bats from the cave get them to start fighting again. danny escapes to get the gold but is again in between the fight of the carnosauruses and they all fall off a cliff including blue. owen is really sad but blue and the other raptor squad all survive hanging on to the cliff. the rex and allosaurus survive the fall, fell on trees, no sign of danny.. perhaps they both die sinjid in the water and danny in the fall. they take some gold to the for the history of isla nublar exabit. danny appears to survive, talks with his boss the mysterious lady, same with sinjid. they talk about making a new plan. gold hoskin takes falls in the lava.. hoskins goes to hunt a pteranodn. sinjid and danny escape by boat.. danny’s secret boss is diane picks them up with a helicopter, her name is diane, she threatens danny for not getting the gold, diane is danny’s mother. masrani forgives allison after Wu recommends/vouches for her. hudson checks on his parents..claire and owen go to winstones for dinner on a date.

Jurassic World Double Trouble:
season 2 ep 1: ” losing control”
August 2nd 2012
masrani is fired tis while being helped by robbie who is like an intern. the board of directors wants to fire him and personnel because of masrani’s excess expenses like excess personnel and extravagant wild expenditures, unnecessary doodas. Misrani has a brother named, cedric who is the chairman of the board. dr wu has jp cup in jw timeline
vic, wu, claire, owen complain about budget cuts, cedric informs that employees are going to be cut to save money and payroll to maximize profits. claire thinks for a second she’ll get the job. dr wu leaves quickly since he’s nervous for his job and secret experiment. the park will be run by AI oopsie, organizational operational protocol scalabal intelligence. she wil run the security, park, etc everything automated, vehicles, etc will be able to cut expenses by 50%. robbie appears to be bad. dr wu is nervous, hiding something, masrani asks him for something to impress the board of directors, a cooler dinosaur and want sit now. dr wu had been working on it but kept it secret since others didn’t like DNA combining, he had been working in them for months, has two eggs, masrnai not happy he didn’t know about it sooner, masrani is happy. dr wu informs they could be aggressive, they don’t know when they will hatch.robbie has other motives, there’s a roller coaster named in the park blazing comet. misrani has a picture with joh hammond both happy at the park. hudson the kid not happy his friends staff are getting fired, tries to confuse the AI helper by giving her contradicting information. oopsie goes rogue, starts sabotaging park by going crazy and not listening to commands because to be inefficient she needs to get rid of humans. robbie the intern goes for the eggs, emergency alarm sounds because of oopsie, dr wu sees the eggs were stolen doesn’t know what happened, owen instructs hudson to take care and evacuate guests so they’re safe, owen asks vic to help him before he leaves, vic likes owen, he convinces him by telling him he’ll be the hero if vic saves the day and he agrees. dinosaurs are all over the park in a rampage,
robbie steals the eggs is in a jeep. cedric is trying to shut down oopsie, she’s not responding to him, cedric is angry at oopsie. cedric and misrani fight because they’re always been in a rivalry since kids, dr wu informs misrani of the stolen egs,, robbie finds rexy avoids him eggs start to hatch,, dilophosaurus are attacking guests and owen is trying to get rid of them but vic arrives in time with the squad, rexy shows up with owen , the 2 baby indominus hatch, it’s basicall the lesson of the first JP movie don’t rely on technology

Episode 2
august 2nd 2012 still
“sibling rivalry”
robbie is confused thinks they imprinted on him. owen with the car gets rid of rexy, claire finds out of the new dinosaurs and how they were stolen,oopsie remains rogue, claire has the gps to be able to track the stolen jeep
misrani and cedric fight, there twin brothers cedric was born 2 mins before so he’s older, misrani shocked robbie is the thief, internship started 3 hours before the events, he was posing, he has robbed museums, and things twice he’s the baby faced bandit. boyish burgler., he thought he could pull of to be a legend to steal a dinosaur, babies hatched and ran to the jungle, they started fighting as soon as they were born.that they shouldn’t be allowed near human beings. they’re fighting with each other, want to intimiadate each other, they can’t let them run around loose
claire asks for volunteers to go with her, misrani goes, then the others agree robbie, cedric, wu but he is handcuffed
owen and hudson trap rexy back in the paddock, vic goes to help, owen vic go to the command center to shut down oopsie, claire is still on her quest for the twin indominous but they’re lost both twins are fighting the same way
they’re growing quickly,one indominous is darker grey than the others, they put outside their differences to work together and camolfuage and are hunting their prey which is the humans, dr wu dosn’t know where they have gone,
dr wu mentions how powerufl they are and all the gnetics they have, and that’s how they find their name when described as indominable. robbie is handcuffed in the car, oopsie stil out of control and the 3 vic kid owen try to stop her
they attack claire but she tricks them into being against each other again, owen wants to go to the control module to, shut down oopsie but they can’t she stops them but hudson is able to stake the battery to shut the computer down,
claire. with some air freshener they’re able to get them to pass out thanks to misrani which they get to be controlled oopsie is offline and park is secure, and egg thief is caught and the two indominus twins in the paddock for the north side of the island, wu suggests not to tell anyone, especially owen. but misrani is happy that they exist and has high hopes for them in the future, they keep attention to detail in continuity., the board put misrani back in charge, robbie in cusody, mondragon has a bad job at the park now

epilogue 3 years later
dr wu can’t find indominous she knows her name, the feeder is not happy with indominous, but feels shes dangerous. wu is happy. names her wusaurus and then indominous rex

The rest are little extra Lego Jurassic World “episodes” I found online with a small description, it was originally meant for another section but in the meantie here it is.

Lego Jurassic World

secret exhibit easter egg:
Here we have some bloopers/greenscreen of scenes the secret exchibit like dvd extras making of but with legos

Robot dinosaur fight
It’s revealed at the end that it is like green screen but also has danny’s mother as a reveal during the green screen that they need to ship that mech to danny. It is a short about two dinosaur mechs fighting in jurassic world and one winning, cool short. maybe they have mechs of dinosaurs at jurassic world as a live show in a in universe explanation?

Escape the indo raptor
retelling of fallen kingdom, a bit different lego style, it’s a t-rex that’s chasing owen/claire/girl to the mansion, after indoraptor escapess rex still outside at the end.

Mission: Rescue Blue the Dinosaur – LEGO Jurassic World – Mini Movie
recreation of the first part of fallen kingdom, a few different details, but overall the same as per lego there’s also a version of pick your own adventure style has slightly different scenes but it’s mostly the same, i think all scenes could actually be put together in one “super cut”

Lego Jurassic World: Employee Safety Video 2016 dvd extra
marketing for insurance need to show and make video of how stuff works, can be seen as a prequel to everything
10 minute special on indominus DVD

a day in life in jurassic world
stop motion not cg, a worker goes through lab dr wu making hybrids, how they feed dinos, claire, owen working, other scatching dinosaurs and letting people in, beins at 6 am

peacock kids has 2 stop motion Lego JW videos sponsored so official I guess
Dinosaur Training FAIL | JURASSIC WORLD
Stygimoloch a stiggy is trained to protect triceratops skull that someone mgiht want to steal, doesn’t work stiggy breaks skull
Dilophosaurus Rampage! | JURASSIC WORLD

has fallen kingdom characters but would need to take place I guess before that or after? they aren’t named regardless basic story
sauropelta broke into carnivore habitat, owen and claire help the scientist, could be a different character just using the toy of JW2 but taking place beforehand during JW1, cute little story both, this one makes more sense taking place before JW1 with the kid/scientist not being the ones from JW2 which counting the liberties they take it could be

there are a few other stop motion jurassic world shorts on the lego youtube page but difficult to find since there’s no search option, they seem noncanon but they’re usualy basic lego humor so whatevs i guess they could, nothing much happens
a rex is chasing a human and a rex plays with a ball soccer style with raptors

Other Lego Jurassic WOrld stuff:
lego shorts at least 2 on wiki page, lego page has shorts of Fallen Kingdom with indoraptor, , full movie of the JW game
other books and magazine adventures
Lego Jurassic World Build Your Own Adventure: With Minifigure and Exclusive Model canon sure why not

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