Vince McMahon’s Weirdest & Unexpected Appearances

Vince McMahon is many things including a great visionary for wrestling. My favorite aspect of Vince is definitely the character of Mr McMahon. We’re paying tribute by showing his weirdest and unexpected appearances he’s had over the years, he’s been in fitness magazines, trading cards, bear plush toys, many video games. But here is our exclusive list of the best of Vince McMahon.

How about an 8-bit Mr. Mcmahon? He didn’t appear in the NES era games or even the SNES ones but thanks to the Game Boy Color he did appear as an 8 bit character in WWF Betrayal. A beat em up game that somehow makes perfect sense as pro wrestling video game. They do a great job with him and even with a fan service Stephanie McMahon that makes an appearance.

WWE immortals comes from Netherealm studios so it had some pretty out there designs. But one of them is just a little too weird and too awesome to not talk about. How about Vince Macmahon in a flippin mech. Half robot half McMahon to fight one on one with zombie wrestlers and other supernatural superstars Mortal Kombat style with his Iron Man armor.

There was this time where WWE was in pretty much a bunch of Hanna-Barbera animated movies with some deal with WB I guess. This gave Vince McMahon the chance of meeting Scooby-Doo and the gang not once but twice in Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery & Scooby-Doo! and WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon. Somehow out of all the other WWE crossovers like with the Jetsons and the Flintstones, it just makes sense in the Scooby universe. But here we see two legends meet each other.


Now Vince McMahon has had many figures, but not as many as you’d expect and sadly most of them have not been great. We were given a chance to get the best Mr. McMahon figure with an SH Figuarts but sadly this was not meant to be. It’ll always just be a prototype we saw at an event as the line was cancelled  This would’ve been the defacto best Vince figure ever made.

How about Vince McMahon on social media and twitter? A bit weird so it needed to be documented, especially since it shows not only an old man using tweeter but playing Pokemon Go while being in the Gym. This just goes to show how big this second Pokemania that happened with Go’s release that even Vince was talking about it.



This isn’t even all I could remember so more will be showcased in the future.

Luigi Kawasaki

social hermit

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