3 Music Videos recommendations Septembery Mix Music Match Vol. 11 Nikka Costa, Tantric, P.O.D.

September is one of those long months without anything really happening so it can go by slow, here are some music videos that grew on me even if they weren’t my first choice of something I would like when I was in High School, some Soul, Funk, Nu-Metal and post-grunge.

Nikka Costa – Like A Feather

While I originally came in for the outfit, I stayed for the music and discovered an awesome artist blending pop, soul, blues and funk she opened my musical taste to different things. The retro inspired video is awesome and doesn’t seem like its pandering like most other tributes do. Nika Costa really ahs a style of her own and you can tell she owns that stage with her style. I’m surprised she never hit it big with mainstream music as her style could’ve easily done it but maybe its better it never happened. I always did wonder how that outfit of hers stayed on but I guess I just didn’t think of tape. Like a feather just makes me want to dance with style like her even if I can’t.

Tantric – Breakdown

I was into much harder stuff when I first heard this song but I really liked it even if it really wasn’t my style. I’m ashamed to admit that I loved the bully story featured in the music video but even then the lyrics were a bit cheesy, fuck it I love them. Unsure how the ending really solves all the problems presented but whatever. Even if they seemed like they were very poppy and good looking ready to hit it in the mainstream which I guess they never did as much as they had potential, they’re awesome.

P.O.D. – Alive

Probably the popiest of the song here and the one that did rich mainstream radio stations ironically being the heaviest of the three and that’s thanks to the god damn catchy verses and positive message needed at that time in history. The music video is awesome and very nicely produced, the beginning with car crash sets it up perfectly and goes along with the lyrics even if they’re meant for something else. A few scenes are a bit odd but hey whatever I guess they’re part of his life flahsing as he’s about to die.

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Nikka Costa

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