What’s new for MiscRave in 2023?

MiscRave will be seeing quite a few changes on the backside of things in 2023, many of these changes have been slowly worked on for years but delayed for various reasons. The current Web 2.0 look trying to emulate Web 1.0 look hasn’t worked as well as I thought so we might as well give it a brand new coat of paint. I’ll also be slowly going through each and every feature article and updating it, this actually began like 2 years ago but I decided to take it in two different steps, so now it’s up to the second one. This will include the now annual promise of categorizing stuff in a better way. This process will be a bit slower since it’s 7+ years worth of content being updated and I don’t want to affect the once per week schedule, in fact I want that schedule to get some more stuff per week. Talking about more stuff per week I think content will be similar as to how it was last year which was an improvement but I won’t commit to more since I’d rather update everything else that’s been waiting for a while.

The podcast did return and while it was off and on, it should be much more stable going forward. Expect more podcasting. And the now promised video content from years ago will hopefully start releasing. 2023 Should be a busy year, we will likely have more collaborations with WeaR Vear once again like we did 2 years ago. Among other surprises. Let’s see how things go.

Luigi Kawasaki

social hermit

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