Emily Paris Haute Couture for French Fashion Learning

When learning French you try to find things to practice and sometimes they aren’t even things that might work or be useful. In this case I ended up watching two different things at the same time that had the same theme of fashion. This was too much of a coincidence to ignore which is why these two deserve to be in one article because in my headcanon they’re both in the same continuity.

Emily in Paris
This Romantic Comedy show has a setting in France but it’s basically just that, it might have some French here and there but it’s nothing really. I think that’s actually a missed opportunity, it coudl’ve easily been a high budget more entertaining version of Extr@ to learn French. It would’ve made the show far more marketable. In fact many times I felt like I was watching new episodes of Extra French. It blends quite nice really.

The show itself is a comedy with enough drama to keep it interesting. The audience is mainly meant for females but anyone can really enjoy it. The quirky situations are just fun to watch and the whole fashion industry gimmick it has is fun, you see Emily with new outfits everyday pretty much and weird runway type outfits. It’s a short little series and you’ll enjoy it.

Haute Couture 2021

This is a French movie about the fashion industry in a drama comedy film. It’s not the funniest movie since it leans more towards the drama side but it’s not too dramatic either. It’s a fun movie you can use to practice your French or just enjoy. You learn a lot about the fashion industry and life/culture in France in general. I was already in the fashion midnset so the movie was more enjoyable because of that. Not a bad choice if you’re looking for some French cinema to watch.

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