Christmas Dinosaur Books

Dinosaur Christmas Books

I was trying to find something dinosaur related for Christmas to really close the Dinosaur Year but found that there isn’t much content that you can find. I guess it is indeed somewhat of an anachronistic topic that doesn’t mix very well and only the Flintstones could pull off. But in my search for something I was able to find that children’s dinosaur books is a goldmine for Xmas Dinos content.

In fact there are a ton of different Dinosaur Books set in Christmas for little kids. Honestly I was not expecting much out of these books but I was surprised so Honestly I was not expecting much out of these books but I was surprised so perhaps I’ll take a look at some of them at another time but today I’ll focus on just two beginning with Dino-Christmas.

We have a story here of a kid asking Santa what he used before reindeers and he starts to talk about the good old days and how things have changed. He starts describing how in the past he tried to use different dinosaurs with each species having their own set of troubles. The explanations are cute and fun. The artwork on the books is just amazing. It’s not clear if the dinosaurs are anthropomorhic or not, in some pages it seems to be, but not in others, who knows. Regardless who is Santa giving presents to anyway? The whole books is just wholesome.

Dinosaur Christmas on the other hand feels more like a normal little kid book but it’s still a good book for kids. This one is just about dinosaurs in the christmas season being told through rhymes like the Dinosaur Xmas Parade. The artwork is simpler but nice and here we do have anthropomorphic dinosaurs not to mention that Santa is a T-Rex. I do love that the end is that once Christmas is done they need to celebrate the next holiday..Halloween? I guess in this dinosaur world Halloween comes after.

With those lovely details, MiscRave wishes everyone a very Dinosaur Christmas!

Luigi Kawasaki

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