MiscRave Digiculture & Podcast update

As some have noticed the Digiculture Podcast has returned from its hiatus last year and while episodes where a bit sporadic we’ve been back to weekly releases (on wednesdays) and will continue to do so until we reach the next great milestone after episode 199. The show has always been experimental but it is now time to move from it. It may get a special revival episode or two one day but it’s best for things to end. There are new podcast projects on the works that will spin-off from Digiculture but those will get announced eventually so the podcast spirit will continue one way or another. I think the other projects are a bit more exciting and polished so it should be fun. In the meantime let’s have a couple more weeks of Digiculture.

Sneak peak: expect a monthly upgrade for the Digiculture podcast of much higher quality and with great guests. And also perhaps more collaborations with wearvear and Ruko Network.

Luigi Kawasaki

social hermit

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