Spawn’s Angela Tribute (Marvel, Neil Gaiman) Video

Angela has been making a splash in the Marvel Universe as Thor’s sister and in Guardians of the Galaxy but she began as a character on Todd McFarlane’s Spawn but a legal battle over ownership by Neil Gaiman since he created her ended up in him keeping the rights to her and being able to take her wherever he wanted. She will likely never be in a new Spawn comic or media ever gain which is terrible since that incarnation of her is far more interesting and appealing.

Back in the 90s everything was X-Treme and her design and attitude better fits that era and not so much current Marvel. Comics aren’t the only thing that’s changed over the years. Youtube was wildly different and you had tons of tribute videos made by fans, it was definitely less corporate when you couldn’t make money on the platform. I found this video which reeks of early youtube and a tribute to our favorite Angel Hunter from Image Comics.

Music is rather fitting as it’s “The Hunter” by Iced Earth which was written for her as it came out on the Spawn themed album The Dark Saga. While not a huge fan of the current incarnation of Angela I do hope Neil Gaiman keeps taking her different places and who knows maybe one day she’ll be back in the comics or even in a new movie or show alongside Spawn.

Luigi Kawasaki

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