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I had been wanting to do short videos for a long time but had been putting it off for later. I decided to finally start so I’ll be uploading to tiktok since it seems the most suitable place to do it and you can find MiscRave’s TikTok here. You can find a collection of different stuff that you’d expect from here.

Right now I’m uploading daily and trying to make sure that it’s as diverse as I can make it. They’re just me figuring out what works and what doesn’t so keep that in mind. Later on you’ll find more themed videos and more of a trend of where I want the channel to head. I’ll also eventually upload these videos to youtube shorts.


Clear see through case for theNintendo Entertainment System #nes #nintendo #retro #mariobros #supermario MiscRave.com

♬ Video Games – Hybrid Rose

Luigi Kawasaki

social hermit

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