Donkey Kong Continuity

There seems to be a lot of confusion about the Donkey Kong timeline, Cranky Kong, Donkey Kong Sr. and Donkey Kong Jr. I have likely thought about more about Donkey Kong and Mario lore than the average folk without becoming so obsessed to be a part of those lore gate keepers on Mario/Gaming wiki/fandoms. I was actually thinking about Donkey Kong’s mess of a canon a while ago.
TL;DR: Sorry, Nintendo Retconned Donkey Kong to always being Arcade Donkey Kong; Jr. is MIA and any references to DK not being the original are just retconned, Cranky was never the original Donkey Kong.

donkey Kong timeline history

When Donkey Kong Country happened then yes, Cranky was meant to be the original Donkey Kong with new Donkey Kong being the original DK Jr., so while it’s explicitly said in manuals of DKC back in the day, most fandoms don’t even consider manuals as “canon” only what happens in game. So there was always that descrepancy between Cranky being the grandfather of modern DK or father since we had contradicting evidence but overall it didn’t affect too many things. We just assumed that time in DK isle passed quicker which is why Mario didn’t age between Arcade DK while DK did.

<donkey kong junior sr  /></p>
<p>When Rare started using Donkey Kong in their Country series Nintendo didn’t use him and opted for using Jr. [Super Mario Kart, Mario’s Tennis (VB)], at least early on before modern DK started appearing, last time we saw Jr. was in Mario Tennis as a playable character or Melee as a trophy. Worth to note no Smash Trophy of DK or Cranky ever mention Cranky being the OG DK..Cranky often broke the fourth wall which is a staple for Rare games but not so much Nintendo ones outside of RPGs and such, it’s also worth noting that he randomly became a scientist in DK64 so his role changed depending what the game needed it to be.</p>
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We got Diddy Kong Racing which was meant to “kickstart” several Rare franchises, we know Conker/Banjo but I’m sure they meant others to make it like Timber since DKR was originally meant to be his game and not Diddy’s, we know Timber made it to Banjo. We also know that the Banjo Kazooie Swap cartridge trick which was scrapped for Banjo Tooie might’ve also meant to work with Donkey Kong 64, another crossover after Diddy since they were building their own “Rare universe” which sites like DKvine still swear exists. The problem was. There’s even some that consider Diddy Kong Racing DS a sequel instead of a remake to explain Tiny being older.

<donkey kong games

But..Nintendo sold their shares of Rare to Microsoft and they took their franchises and Nintendo kept theirs. This kind of marked the end of the Rare Donkey Kong, Nintendo started using Diddy and even other Kong’s in their spin-off titles like Mario Kart and Sluggers. Donkey Kong also took a step down from being another tent pole release to smaller spin-off titles like the Konga series and King of Swings, sure there were ports of the DKC games on GBA but whatever. It wasn’t until they decided to bring back Donkey Kong with DK Country Returns that DK was back in the spotlight as an A-list franchise. After this the absence of Diddy in spin-off games was felt again as they decided to keep the rest of the Country Kong family away.

<donkey kong split timeline infographic

The way that Nintendo has treated Donkey Kong however was more and more of Modern and Original Donkey Kong being the same, they never explicitly said it so fans were able to keep their original canon as still canon but as more and more time passes it’s causing conflict with current canon, and while you can write explanations to all these things as I did for years it’s now clear to me that Nintendo doesn’t consider Cranky the original DK but just another character in the Kong verse and as more games come out it’ll be more and more clear that this retcon is here to stay, hell it’s already pretty established, we have baby DK in Yoshi’s Island DS, the whole Mario vs Donkey Kong series and now Odyssey, heck even DK94 GB messed the idea of the Rare timeline before the Country games even released. We have tons of modern in game text on how Mario and DK are rivals for many years while all references of Cranky being the original DK are all from old games.

<donkey kong through time

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Looking Back On.. The Tick (Amazon Prime Video)

The Tick was a show that took me a while to get but when it finally clicked I realized I had been missing out. The first live action show and animated series were both great in their own way so when Amazon announced a new show for their Prime Video service I was pretty excited and hoped they wouldn’t mess it up. So how is this Tick series revival? A bit of a mixed bag.

the tick and arthur amazon

It should be noted the pilot episode came out in 2016, the first part of season 1 which has one storyline in 2017 and 2018 saw the release of the second story arc of season 1. I don’t understand the route they decided to take this show on, it’s still a parody I guess.. they have the budget to have fight scenes and whatnot.. it’s still an adult show.. It’s just not funny, the writing is terrible and boring, it doesn’t seem to know that it’s a parody at times acting a bit too serious. IT had the potential of outdoing both series and yet I was really disappointed after the first few episodes.
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ReBoot: The Guardian Code – the VR Power Rangers

After many years ReBoot finally got a new show in the form of Reboot: The Guardian Code which mixes live action with CG as they go inside the machines with Virtual Reality like devices. Fans were not very happy but since I am a big fan of shows that deal with people going into digital worlds à la Tron, I didn’t mind at all. After watching it I realized that it’s a show with potential and fans should definitely give it a shot.

reboot guardian code megabyte

For die-hard fans of the original show will find a very different show and I don’t really know why exactly they went with the ReBoot brand if they were planning something so different as most of the time it just doesn’t feels anything like it. We do get Megabyte as a villain and he’s great and just as you remember him, but he’s the only constant link to the old show. However I’d say that his style clashes a bit with the rest of the show so it doesn’t help the new show either. We do get a few references to the old show here and there but they’re small Easter eggs for fans more than anything. There is indeed one episode that deals and feels exactly like the old show we watched and it’s a blast. The good news is I feel like we’ll end up getting more and more of this type of episodes down the line, I doubt they’ve forgotten just remember how much the old show changed.

reboot guardian code characters
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Using Nintendo’s Animal Crossing to learn another language (French)

When trying to learn a language it’s important to immerse yourself in the language and this is easier said than done if you’re not living in a place where the language is spoken. But if you look for stuff that you’re doing and try to make it into secret French lessons then it’s awesome. I’m a fan of the Animal Crossing series and after playing it for a while I decided to change the language to French and here’s my results so far.

If you’re not familiar with the franchise or the mobile game then you can read the a review right here and while it’s not the best game ever in the series it’s fun enough and it ended up being a great game to practice French. You can select and change the language at anytime that you like and this is great in case you want to start it in your own language before dwelling into French or whatever you’re learning. You do have two options between France and Quebec French and I ended up choosing Quebec.
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Lord Drakkon in the Power Rangers Universe

Lord Drakkon has been making a lot of buzz in the Power Rangers fandom since his debut. I’ve got to admit that I wasn’t interested in the Boom! Studios comics since they seemed fanfic level and this DeviantArt Original Character DO NOT STEAL Green Ranger & White Ranger hybrid didn’t help change my opinion. This slowly changed over time and now I can point out why Lord Drakkon is such a cool character that deserves to be in proper Power Rangers Universe continuity.

lord drakkon cosplay suit

Now, I haven’t read the comics and don’t plan to for the time being until enough story story arcs are easily available since I have no patience for monthly comics most of the time. Luckily this video narrated by Jason David Frank aka Tommy Oliver himself narrate who this character is does a much better description. You might be asking why I’d be a fan of a character that I don’t even really know and it’s because of this viral marketing.

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Top Virtual Reality VR Shows & Cartoons: Entering Virtual Worlds

I’m a big fan of Virtual Reality and always loved shows that dealt with going inside virtual worlds which sadly hasn’t really been utilized to it’s full potential. So here we have a list of awesome shows that did exactly that and whether they entered a computer, a game or any type of virtual world and was fun it deserves a spot here. For this list I’m skipping movies and anime for arbitrary reasons and the concept of the show must deal with this. Any shows or cartoons that only had one episode about this or maybe a season don’t really count since it wasn’t what the overall show was about.


We begin with an easy choice with the first Computer Generated CG show that took place inside a computer and what happened inside a computer. The show started a bit rough but ended up being a great show by the end of it with a lot of interesting takes on what would go on inside a computer and the internet eventually. The sequel series The Guardian Code actually has real life kids going into the virtual world only making this choice more appropriate to be here.
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Looking Back On.. Reboot The Show

Reboot was the first Computer Generated (CG) show we ever got by Mainframe / Rainmaker Entertainment and it had a bit of a weird history. Coming out even before Toy Story, the show dealt with life inside a computer so you get all these great 90s tech lingo in the actual show and how life is inside a computer system. Tech was still rather new for most people so many concepts went over people’s head. The show also changed quite a bit over the course of the series and got a huge fandom behind it. The show is continued with Reboot: The Last Guardian but we begin here with the original show.

reboot season 1

The first season is a rather safe animated show from the 90s with the setting of them being in a computer world but there’s not much here, as a kid I wasn’t a huge fan of the show because it just wasn’t that exciting and the character designs looked weird. It really isn’t that bad, but it doesn’t have enough to hook you, one thing that is rather interesting is the concept that the “user” plays games and when they do the characters get to go inside those worlds. This gives them an excuse to change the setting to a bunch of weird different things including parodies of many movies and tv shows.
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