Looking back on.. Wonder Showzen

I recently decided to re-watch Wonder Showzen and I can say that it’s an underated gem, I say that since most people seem to have forgotten about the show. It was never a huge show but some people seemed to watch it and now almost no one ever brings it up. I wasn’t sure how well it would show up since it very well could’ve been a product of its time.

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No longer aboard the Nintendo Direct hype trains

Nintendo Directs were somewhat frequent and usually came out of nowhere. Sometimes they were very good and sometimes very disappointing. Nevertheless having these mini-E3’s through out the year was excellent. While we have had less Directs since Satoru Iwata passed away last year and we used to have Directs without Iwata something just isn’t the same. I don’t know if it’s just me, the lack of frequent Directs or associating Directs with Iwata. I can’t say it’s the quality of the content since it didn’t matter if it had been terrible or great but they always had plenty of hype surrounding them. Nintendo has made a few announcements since the last Direct just through other means like the NES mini which they could’ve just gotten a few of those announcements and made them into a Direct but they chose not to so maybe they kind of know as well. While I don’t want just random announcements instead of something like the Directs to build hype surrounding them I’ll just say that something is not there anymore and maybe it’s time for Nintendo to retire them in favor of an alternative.
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Daft Bodies 9 years later

9 years since ago we got a really creative video in the still early days of youtube:

Featuring the music of Daft Punk’s Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. This was a time when youtube was already getting big but it was continuing to grow with lots of talent and this video is one of them. Back then no one gave a damn about licensing music and people uploaded what they wanted. Even nearly a decade later as I re-stumbled onto this video I still feel like it’s as good as it was back then.
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It's thinking.
It’s thinking.


When asked to make a favicon for this website I opened my best friend since I was a kid; Paint.  I had no idea what I wanted so why not something simple and that’s all I can do in Paint, something simple.
Here I basically post anything I’m thinking so I think it’ll do for the time being. Whether it’s nostalgia, music, politics, video games, cartoons, movies, dinosaurs, philosophy, economics, tech, martial arts or just rants. It’s so ugly it just may stay around. Continue reading Paint