Looking back on.. Godzilla’s Hanna-Barbera cartoon

Godzilla had a cartoon made in the late 70’s by Hanna-Barbera and well it’s umm..something. As a kid I loved Godzilla but whenever re-runs of this show aired on Cartoon Network I found it difficult to sit through. The show seems to have been made by people who didn’t know what Godzilla was and just used what they thought he was and went along with it. The characters or setting is never really explained you just know that you have some people on a ship who live with this creature called Godzooki that encounter monsters but Godzilla helps them out. Apparently the series bible explains this Godzooky, who is Godzilla’s nephew and he was in danger but the crew of the Calico saved his life and Godzilla protects the crew as a reward.
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Tribute to SatAM Sonic the Hedgehog

When youtube first launched ten years ago I used to search for stuff that I had plenty of nostalgia for and Sonic the Hedgehog’s SatAM show was one of them. While I never really liked “tribute’ videos which were quite popular at the time there was one that I enjoyed a lot that it became one of the first Youtube videos I ever favorited so it’s worth your time to check it out.
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Looking back on.. The Santa Clause Trilogy

I remember watching The Santa Clause when I was a kid but while I liked it, I don’t think I ever watched it again but I still remembered it was a weird premise and the Oscar Meyer whistle ending but I never really felt like watching the movie again. Flashback to one day that I open up Netflix and see The Santa Clause 3 and a ridiculous cover and I kind of felt like watching the original but it wasn’t available. Then that idea morphed into me wanting to watch the entire trilogy for who knows what reason and culminated when I realized all the movies were now available to stream and what I planned to do over the next couple of weeks ended up with me watching them all in one day.

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Listen Back.. System of a Down – SOAD self-titled album review

I had just begun 7th grade when I was talking about music with a friend and back then I didn’t have a wide variety in my taste in music but each of us mentioned “one” was a great album, the one he mentioned was System of A Down’s self-titled album. We each lent each other an album and began to listen. I don’t really remember what I thought about it when I first heard it, I didn’t love it but I remember listening to it many times so I’m guessing I didn’t hate it either. I used to listen to it a few times while making Pokemon Decks for the Pokemon league on friday nights. Funnily enough I don’t remember thinking it was a particularly heavy album and this was one of my first exposures to metal. My friend eventually moved without warning so he never gave me back my album and I got to keep this one, my only problem when I was older is that it was an edited CD and the only edited version of the CD that I ever owned.
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