french progress 12

Here we have the 12th edition of my personal journal to have a record of my French Progress. Sadly, not much has been done at all unless you count watching a movie here and there and speaking one or two times in the last year as anything. But I guess it was something since it has showed me how easy it is to quickly forget the language. You lose what you don’t practice and a lot of what I knew I can no longer use in either writing/reading/speaking/listening. This is all a shame but it’s important to recognize it.

Unfortunately I don’t really have any current plans to return in full swing and make a triumphant comeback. And this journal record while embarrasing gives me the memory of what my goals are and what my obstacles have been. It’s still in my mind to learn the language well which is why I bother to update this without any concrete plans. I’m a bit busy in life and can only dedicate so much to other things, but I will make it my goal to try to add a little French into my life as much as possible and slowly working my way up to a more intense routine like the one I used to have my first year.

Luigi Kawasaki

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