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I was a bit too old for Dora The explorer when it came out but of course I knew about her. It’s not something I ever cared to check more into but well here we are talking about Live Action Dora the explorer. I am not aware of the deep lore of the franchise. You can consider me more of a casual poser who only knows about normie stuff like that his cousin hahad a spin-off with Go, Diego Go…Or the controversy of when they aged up Dora for a sequel series in Dora and Friends: Into the City. Apparently a new CG show is in the works as well as well as a live action show in similar tone to the movie. So I guess I know more about Dora than I would like to think. All in all Dora has become a Lara Croft for a younger audience. So let’s dive in the rabbits hole of the live action interpretations she has gotten.

Dora the Explorer and the Destiny Medallion

Many internet years ago we got a CollegeHumor trailer for a live action Dora. Of course it was just poking fun at Hollywood but little did they know that a live action Dora movie would actually become real thing one day. The trailer is a fun spoof and while not super funny, it’s neat and gets a giggle or two in their short trailer parody.

Dora and the Lost City of Gold

The movie starts with the theme song recreated in live action which already shows more love than many live action adaptations ever show. Dora sings it and I guess nostalgic if you grew up with the show. You find out that it was only a dream, could this mean that the cartoon show was Dora’s dream? The plot thickens! The movie is just fantastic in the care they took with it. It doesn’t feel like a cheap cash-in and it isn’t too self aware either. It’s a nice mix of it standing on its own while poking fun at itself but giving something that people can enjoy besides that. I was surprised how well they handled it. They for example talk to the audience in the movie, we get to see Diego. This is all done as kids and we get a time lapse ten years later when they’re now teenagers and well Dora looks like a colorful Tomb Raider.

The premise is Dora going to a normal city outside of the jungle and being oblivious since she was raised with her parens in the jungle. This premise is great and the acting is on point. When the actual adventure begins it does dip a bit in interest but hey there’s a poo song.. I like that it gets silly but it still tries to be fun and always knows what it wants to be. It’s not overly cheesy as I mentioned. They reach some “magical” flowers that gets them high and they begin to hallucinate and Dora gets the ability to talk to the backpack and rock etc. A great little tribute to make it all work. We even get an animated part in the movie. The Dora and Diego story almost feels like a love story but it’s just family relationships. Diego is a jerk but that’s his role to make it work.

The adventure is not the most exciting movie you’ll see but it’s not horrible either. Eugenio Derbez has a role that is fine and we get Miercoles Wednesday shhht gag for the benefit of those who know some Spanish. It was done with a lot of love and cute in jokes, keeping it realistic and well there’s swiper the fox that talks in the movie. Apparently the live action show they’re making is drawing inspiration from the movie so that’s a good thing.

City of Lost Toys” “Dora’s Pirate Adventure”
But that’s not all the live action Dora that exists, Dora has also been portrayed in two Stage shows in live action. Sometimes with an actual actress and sometimes as a foam suit. And as much as I enjoy watching Barney the Dinosaur as an adult, I must draw the line somewhere so I can only make a passing comment on these things existing. But from a quick youtube search they appear to be what you’d think, just a stage show with songs, a very basic story to make it a show and dancing through out.

So that’s all the live action Dora we have for now..until the live action show inspired by the movie comes out at least. A lot more than I would’ve thought. That wasn’t even dwelling into the hot cosplay that people like to do of the character.

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