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Music Match Summery Music Videos V9

The summer is about to finish but we have room for at least one more round of Summery Music Videos before we finish off Summer 2017. If you want to enjoy other Summer Music Videos check them out as we talked about more than a few. As always I try to recommend either some cool Music, Music Videos or nostalgic songs, sometimes all of those at the same time but not always.

Christina Aguilera – Genie In A Bottle

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Music Match French

As I posted I’m trying to learn French over the next year. In honor of this this weeks Music Match features three music videos of songs in french, so you get to learn some new vocabulary and discover some new bands this week. I don’t normally post lyrics but as part of the learning process they’re there in French with the English translation.

Sophie Hunger – Le Vent nous portera

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Music Match Volume 2

This second time on Music Match I review three new music videos ranging from dream wave to pop music. It can be hard to find music at times but no matter if it’s from a person who has bad musical taste, a suggestion on youtube and even a TV show, or in the case of some here a website, it’s important to continue to find new music. So let’s take a look at these three music videos that caught my eye and were worth sharing for a reason or two.


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