WeaR VeaR on the Future of Tech

Here at MiscRave we love Tech, always have and always will. It’s just amazing to see where we can go and be up to date with the bleeding edge of technology. My passion from tech started since I was a young kid but it was TechTV that engraved it. Now, technology is a common theme here and we often talk about it but our way. This isn’t a tech blog since we like articles here to be evergreen and technology related stuff for the most part needs to be current and this is were WeaRVeaR is able to shine regarding tech.

What is WeaR VeaR?

WeaR VeaR is a tech company focusing on the newest tech and technology that is just beginning to emerge so that includes Virtual Reality, Crypto, NFTs, Bitcoin, Blockchain, AR, etc… They have various projects where they do stuff but they also have a blog with articles on how the latest tech might affect your life and bringing down these new foreign concepts to be able to be understood.

This is what I wanted to focus on and not so much on their business side. We’ve had a few collaborations with WeaR VeaR in the past, mostly talking about VR in cartoons, movies and whatnot. This will become a bigger theme on our site as we love tech but we want to show it in a way that it is always going to be relevant for example our Oculus Quest overview instead of a review that would just be outdated after a while.

The wearvear blog will not focus on just news, it wants to expand into stuff that will be relevant for a few years such as how certain technologies will shape our future or be implemented. So I suggest you check it out. We’ll be providing content for them that would not fit MiscRave but same attitude that you could expect from here. So give it a shot and visit WeaR VeaR to learn a littl more about the future of technology.

Luigi Kawasaki

social hermit

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